Bad Times at the El Royale - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 12, 2018
  • A mixed up crime drama involving a quirky hotel, a few strangers, and a lot of money. Here's my review of BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE!#BadTimesAtTheElRoyale
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  • Lauren

     8 months ago

    Maybe it’s just me but I fuckin loved this movie

  • ronbos raiders money

     13 days ago

    Really ? Lol it was boring af to me no insult but ya I hated it

  • Not from Earth

     16 days ago

    Same here Lauren

  • olajujuan

     8 months ago

    Completely disagree, bro. Those flashbacks were really meaningful and really gave weight to the characters. That final flashback was dope. I loved this movie!

  • Lucas Campbell

     5 months ago

    I feel like they should've done Myles' flashback earlier.

  • Mufnstuf

     5 months ago

    @bedroom rockstar What was her flashback about anyways? Was it that she wasn't good enough to be a backup singer or was the Brit music producer just picking on her because she was insecure? Was he hitting on her? Her backstory was the one that didn't add anything to the story.

  • demarcus Moreland

     8 months ago

    I love how each character was plucked from their own genre movie (War, Spy, Crime, Musical, Horror) and stuck in this hotel.

  • Neyney gz

     2 months ago

    Best comment so far . I sat and repeated each word u wrote out loud so i can hear and i came to the realization of how right and how genius ur comment

  • Matt

     2 months ago

    I just wanna know who shot Jeff Bridges brother in the opening scene!

  • MrCamw1

     8 months ago

    Gotta disagree. Bad Times is WAAAAAY better than Venom.

  • mr clean

     2 months ago

    yeah no shit

  • Jolfer 13

     4 months ago

    Venom was the first comic book movie I didn't see in theaters. I watched a shitty cam version and didnt see the need to pay for it. I have done that with other movies and still went and paid for it.

  • Brandon

     8 months ago

    I disagree when you say the dividing line between Cali / Nevada that the El Royale stands on is pointless. The red line that divides the motel in half is meant to symbolize the often arbitrary choice between right and wrong. Hemsworth's character has that speech about how the choice between right and wrong is thrust upon us by other people (making us play their games) and then we see him enter the motel by walking directly on top of that red line.

  • Damien Nijssen

     5 months ago

    But without that metaphor the movie would still have been exactly the same

  • J Gunzler

     5 months ago

    Brandon Lawrence 🤨 I guess so but it didn’t really work

  • darkzq

     8 months ago

    Wow... rough critic. I thought it was good!

  • flixter28111

     8 months ago

    Genuinely disagree with you on this, but that’s the beauty of an opinion

  • Jay Soul

     8 months ago

    When he said there were scenes of ppl just "doing stuff" I love the realness of it! Some ppl don't I guess. I really enjoyed this movie

  • ShawN shawN

     8 months ago


  • InTheEnd75

     8 months ago

    Wow. I completely disagree with a lot of what you said. Thought this movie handled a lt of what it had really well. Is it a perfect movie? No. But damn is it better than some stuff I've seen lately.

  • Lewis Wood-Ashby

     8 months ago

    I saw this last night and I thought it was amazing


     3 months ago


  • Richard Griego

     5 months ago

    Starting to wonder if jeremy actually even saw this movie.

  • Daniel DeRey

     8 months ago

    Saw it last night and loved it. If this is what an imitation Tarantino movie is like then keep em coming