Candle Wax to Loosen Rusty Nuts a Myth or Hack? Let's find out!

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2018
  • The Project Farm Channel strives to achieve excellence in testing products and different strategies to work smarter, not harder. No hidden agendas, nothing to sell and no sponsors to please. So, is the use of a lighter and candle wax an effective strategy to remove rusty nuts and bolts? You've probably seen videos on YouTube using this approach, but where's the proof that it actually works? In this video, I use 3 different tests to measure the effectiveness of using candle wax and a lighter/propane torch. In one test, I compare a penetrating fluid against candle wax. I am not sponsored by Seafoam, Liquid Wrench, the maker of the candles, the lighter or propane torch I used. I buy all products shown in the video and am not sponsored at all. Hope you enjoy the video! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
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  • Jim Fortune

    Jim Fortune

     7 hours ago

    Melt wax into the threads as a preventive, rather than a curative?

  • Dat Teapot

    Dat Teapot

     20 hours ago

    You did it all wrong. You were supposed to use PhotoShop to change the numbers or something.

  • Donn Lowe

    Donn Lowe


    I have seen it work very well using door eze,door hinge wax. It is available at a hardware store. My buddy removed a busted off exhaust manifold bolt using lots of heat( cherry red) and door eze.

  • Ed Turner

    Ed Turner


    Myth busted!

  • Vivid Nation

    Vivid Nation


    wax on, wax off

  • minglis81


     2 days ago

    Only good thing wax is for is to drip on nipples and dip your ball sack in its fun try it some time.

  • minglis81


     2 days ago

    Sir your the best

  • MP P

    MP P

     2 days ago

    It would be nice to include a no-treatment control

  • Bill Q

    Bill Q

     2 days ago

    Your pointing device, space pen?

  • Nate Davis

    Nate Davis

     4 days ago

    You shoulda got sponsored by bath and body works 😂

  • J Battler

    J Battler

     4 days ago

    Unfortunately, you melted the wax onto the metal rather than heating the metal and then applying the wax so the hot metal melt it....might get a very different result.

  • wgooetrik


     4 days ago

    Penetrated and help to release the nut. I think thats how it works

  • Axle Grind

    Axle Grind

     4 days ago +2

    use heat to turn the rusted bolt into liquid

  • Arariel3


     4 days ago

    Had to watch this one a couple of times. Fantastic tests again! I can hear my father now, "Just get the breaker bar. If it shears we didn't want it anyway. Bolts are cheap."

  • Arariel3


     4 days ago

    Glad you ran this test. I seriously doubted the wax would make a marked difference on the removal of rusty bolts. Rather, I felt it was likely the heat expanding the metal that might make more of a difference. And you might have better results trying to undo the rusted bolts if the force was applied while the nut was still hot. This thought comes from the old trick of warming a stuck jar lid under hot water for a minute before trying to open the jar.

    As far as wax penetration and lubrication, my guess this may have originated from an old carpenter's trick I learned in my father's shop of using wax or soap to sink screws. The soap would be applied prior to sinking the screw to prevent tearing and cracking of the wood. We used bar soap, liquid soap, or even candle wax. All seemed to do a nice job with bar soap being our preferred.

  • We Ride Red

    We Ride Red

     5 days ago

    You have to use scented candles on rusty bolts. It doesn't work but it makes the garage smell nice.

  • Christopher Marshall

    Christopher Marshall

     5 days ago

    Test fibre glass against normal epoxy adhesives!!

  • stu booth

    stu booth

     6 days ago

    If you close your eyes and listen, you'll hear Ray Romano tooling around in the garage.

  • David Price

    David Price

     7 days ago

    Brake away torque is NOT less than initial torque .. You need to relook that...

  • Robert Chand

    Robert Chand

     7 days ago

    we would put a touch of silicone on nuts and bolts beforehand for equipment that has to be in a lot of mud