The Strength and Weaknesses of all Classic WoW Classes - What will you pick?

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 24, 2017
  • Finally got it put together hope you enjoy :). I was assisted with the information from top-tier raiders on a very large private server (they have broken the record for speedrunning raids). While I do not play on Private servers (And would not recommend doing so), many of them do try to be authentic as possible. So it was nice having someone who has been playing in this setting for much longer. You might not completely agree with what's in the video, but do know it's meant to be as accurate as possible for a HARDCORE setting, in a much more casual state a lot of these things wouldn't be all that important. They reached out to me and this was the result I compiled from all the info. Thank you.

    Song for everyone who will ask is Oxygen Garden.
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  • Leon


     2 months ago

    Playing wow on retail currently.I can actually kill 2 targets,maybe 3 as arms with not that much difficulty.It is true that he is slower than the other classes but i do not really think they are terrible.

  • M S

    M S

     4 months ago +3

    Ele shaman was actually really strong in pvp.

    Nature swift combo I would one shot mages/rogues ect all the time and could take on other classes pretty well.

  • fusi0nn


     5 months ago

    Elemental/enhancment hybrid shaman is the best pvp class. Unlike a full enhancement shaman who depends on WF procs, the hybrid hits hard and can drop a lightning bolt and 1 shot ur ass. Other than that some of your points I agree with and others I don't. Maybe try a script next time! Helps you get your points across much easier. This isn't me being mean. I am simply suggesting something to make your videos better! GL man

  • shamblesz


     5 months ago

    right right right right right

  • fosejl


     5 months ago

    I hate you

  • Simon Christiansen

    Simon Christiansen

     6 months ago +25

    0:50 - Rogue
    3:20 - Warlock
    5:36 - Mage
    7:44 - Warrior
    10:00 - Druid
    12:00 - Priest
    14:08 - Hunter
    16:21 - Paladin (Classic will be patch 1.12, so Paladins can use group-wide 15-minute buffs - opposed to the notorious "buffadin" from before 1.12)
    19:14 - Shaman

    You're welcome

  • silentninja32


     6 months ago

    Pyroshot? O.o

  • wowrazor388


     6 months ago +1

    There's a lot of misinformation in this video. I like that more content creators are making stuff in hype for classic, but please check what you are stating before listing it as a fact. Diminishing returns absolutely do exist in vanilla, its just that many spells do not share the same diminishing return (hence why rogues can stunlock people down for so long). Also warlocks start do more dps than mages as more content is released and there is more spell power gear, as they scale better with it.

  • The Jonny Man

    The Jonny Man

     7 months ago

    Why would anyone want to play a horde scum

  • Warezplaya


     7 months ago

    shaman totems are not raidwide in classic?

  • ksoddball


     7 months ago

    Up until the release of the DH, I always rolled a hunter. That won’t change

  • Speknoz


     7 months ago +1

    I'm still torn, but I've been an alt-iholic since I started playing back in Vanilla.

  • James Knight

    James Knight

     7 months ago

    Oomkin - no thanks.

  • Jvstm


     7 months ago +2

    Paladin tanks aren't weak because a lack of taunt. Most bosses in Classic are immune to taunt.

    They are weak because Redoubt and Reckoning rely on being crit to proc, they have zero defensive cooldowns, and the fact that there were very few items that were itemized for Prot because they needed defense, spell power, strength, stamina, intelligence, and mp5.

  • Zerox Rockman

    Zerox Rockman

     7 months ago

    Paladins were fun. Please repeat that haha. Leveling/Autoattacking and Buffadin for dayzzz.

  • Osiris261


     7 months ago

    im sold im going mage. and if a rogue is looking for a gank. well im gonna sheep him for an hour.

  • Bank Robber

    Bank Robber

     8 months ago

    shadow priests were really good in classic pvp, i dunno what you talking about.

  • Vojtech Cizinsky

    Vojtech Cizinsky

     8 months ago

    its amazing how this guy doesnt know what hes talking about

  • Martin S

    Martin S

     8 months ago

    why is everyone saying free mount at lvl 40 when it comes to warlock or paladins? it was not free at all, the cost of resources you spend on the quest line is very close to the cost of the actual mount and it takes extra effort to get it

  • Jack Viper

    Jack Viper

     8 months ago

    Warlock, warlock, warlock. So much utility!