The Strength and Weaknesses of all Classic WoW Classes - What will you pick?

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 24, 2017
  • Finally got it put together hope you enjoy :). I was assisted with the information from top-tier raiders on a very large private server (they have broken the record for speedrunning raids). While I do not play on Private servers (And would not recommend doing so), many of them do try to be authentic as possible. So it was nice having someone who has been playing in this setting for much longer. You might not completely agree with what's in the video, but do know it's meant to be as accurate as possible for a HARDCORE setting, in a much more casual state a lot of these things wouldn't be all that important. They reached out to me and this was the result I compiled from all the info. Thank you.Song for everyone who will ask is Oxygen Garden.
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  • Lil Wavelord

    Lil Wavelord

     a years ago +400

    I'm probably gonna roll a DK

  • Simon Christiansen

    Simon Christiansen

     2 months ago +22

    0:50 - Rogue
    3:20 - Warlock
    5:36 - Mage
    7:44 - Warrior
    10:00 - Druid
    12:00 - Priest
    14:08 - Hunter
    16:21 - Paladin (Classic will be patch 1.12, so Paladins can use group-wide 15-minute buffs - opposed to the notorious "buffadin" from before 1.12)
    19:14 - Shaman
    You're welcome

  • LT Gamers Lietuva

    LT Gamers Lietuva

     a years ago +180

    I will play Pandaren Demonhuntard

  • Артем Левичев

    Артем Левичев

     a years ago +30

    well, its fair to say that my knowledge of WoW decreased just from watching this video

  • Zeke Spears

    Zeke Spears

     a years ago +79

    Isn't Vanilla Shadow Priest one of the best pvp classes?

  • Kush Kong

    Kush Kong

     a years ago +53

    Classic wow is gonna be great....right?

  • MeteorX


     9 months ago +3

    I feel like you never played vanilla. As a matter of fact, I feel like everything you're saying is just what you've heard from other videos.

  • M S

    M S

     21 days ago +2

    Ele shaman was actually really strong in pvp.
    Nature swift combo I would one shot mages/rogues ect all the time and could take on other classes pretty well.

  • Kev Richardson

    Kev Richardson

     6 months ago +13

    "If you want to play Pally, look forward to playing alliance."
    "If you want to play Shaman, you'll be limited to Horde."
    I wonder which faction he prefers¿

  • Forndrome


     a years ago +75

    You're completely off about warriors. On private servers they're by far the most overpopulated class, accounting for 20-25% of the playerbase, and the same thing is going to be the case in Classic unless they do some rebalancing (which they probably won't). While it's true 40 man raids usually take a lot of warriors, tanks will usually be part of the guild core from early on (so tank recruitment will be quite low), and DPS warriors are really a dime a dozen to choose from. Considering dps warrior for dungeons isn't particularly good (not better dps than other classes before getting good gear, esp. reaching hit cap; threat issues; and no CC like sap, sheep and trap), and there are so many of them (you also have to compete with rogues and hunters for a lot of loot), actually getting the gear you need to stand out from the crowd is a pain.
    In short warrior is probably the worst class you can pick if you want to get a raiding guild easily.

  • John Girrbach

    John Girrbach

     a years ago +19

    Easily a MM/BM Orc hunter. Still playing the exact char from vanilla to legion right now. I'm gonna miss the unlimited ammo tho lol

  • etikilam


     a years ago +32

    Don't forget about DWARF priests being highly sought after for alliance raids for fear warding, with their counter part being shamans for tremor totem for horde.
    Racial talents being something you needed to consider when rolling a class if you wanted to push with higher end raiding guilds, though many could overcome the disadvantage it was still nice to have and you might get preferential treatment for that class and race combo over another of that class.

  • Truppe4


     6 months ago +1

    drink a shot everytime he says "right?"

  • Cindy Lewis

    Cindy Lewis

     a years ago

    Subbed. You have the most relaxing WoW channel ever. :)

  • Jvstm


     3 months ago +2

    Paladin tanks aren't weak because a lack of taunt. Most bosses in Classic are immune to taunt.
    They are weak because Redoubt and Reckoning rely on being crit to proc, they have zero defensive cooldowns, and the fact that there were very few items that were itemized for Prot because they needed defense, spell power, strength, stamina, intelligence, and mp5.

  • Bank Robber

    Bank Robber

     4 months ago

    shadow priests were really good in classic pvp, i dunno what you talking about.

  • Maddinhpws


     a years ago

    I will probably play a ble... Holy Paladin for PvE and a mage or Druid for PvP.

  • Dalton Feasel

    Dalton Feasel

     a years ago +1

    op keeps asking "...right?"

  • Michael Coffey

    Michael Coffey

     a years ago +8

    No idea I am going to make one toon to just chill on, but I honestly do not know if I will even play on it, lacking the time, and i really do not wish to go back to the ultra slow leveling and grind. But i am very happy people will be able to play it through Blizzard on their own servers now.

  • Billy


     2 months ago +1

    I mained Paladin in vanilla. Since the video didn't really mention it I have to add that one of the greatest strengths of Paladin is that with the right gear you will literally never run out of mana when healing. In longer raid fights you will outperform other healing classes by your relentless healing long after others run out of mana. It's an extremely easy healing class for new players since you don't have to worry as much about mana and your healing rotation is extremely simple, you can't really mess anything up. Another strength is that Paladins are really good dungeon tanks due to high aoe threat. They are also the most durable pvp healer if you are into pvp.