LaDainian Tomlinson NFL HOF 2017 Speech (Very Emotional)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 5, 2017
  • GOAT Chargers Running Back, and my personal role model LaDainian Tomlinson.
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  • Oh Brother

    Oh Brother

     2 years ago +8

    I just watched the NFL NETWORK story behind what he's saying. That puts it in context. The white guy with his name did all the great research and told L.T. all the great things L.T.'s grandfather and other decendants did. L.T.'s descendants were outstanding people who even owned land and were community leaders.

    The white guy named Chris Tomlinson who did the research lived much of his life in Africa because of his job. He apologized to L.T. for what his family did to L.T.'s family.

    Chris' family did not want Chris to do do all that research. They wanted to keep it quiet. His grandfather was a Klansman.

  • Panthers Fan

    Panthers Fan

     1 months ago

    Y’all are so ignorant calling LT and uncle tom (and I bet most of you don’t even know who uncle tom is). This speech was about forgiveness and pride. He is proud to hold the same last name that his slave owner had because he is everything that the slave owner over a hundred years ago fought to supress. A black powerful, educated and wealthy American man. A similar thing happened between Jews and Germans after the holocaust with forgiving the Germans for the atrocities they did. The problem with America today is that a very small portion of whites continue to be racist and to AA they assume all whites are racist and slave owners which is obviously not the case. Even if AA receive reparations, I fear that the AA community will never truly forgive whites which is a shame because and overwhelming amount of whites in America have zero ties to slavery. My ancestors experienced genocide and we are considered “white” how is it fair to make all white people feel guilty for something they didn’t do and stereotype us.

  • solo7076


     2 months ago

    I’m pretty intrigued at the ppl’s comments. I see their side and tbh I didn’t even think ppl would react that way before reading the comments. But I completely see why they feel that way

  • S


     5 months ago +4

    This is so embarrassing what he said. There is NOTHING proud of that Slave Owners surname to boast about. I can’t even!

  • Ryan Mccormack

    Ryan Mccormack

     11 months ago +1

    LT 2020?

  • Unlimited


     a years ago

    Lost all my respect fucking idiot

  • Paulo Pina

    Paulo Pina

     a years ago

    what and idiot why did he speak?



     a years ago +2


  • Reuben James

    Reuben James

     a years ago

    White ppl was thinking “ oh no, here comes the race card”

  • Melanin Antonio

    Melanin Antonio

     a years ago +2


  • Trevor Dotch

    Trevor Dotch

     a years ago +1

    The ULTIMATE FAIL.....

  • Nyhna Law

    Nyhna Law

     a years ago

    What in the HELL is an American Indian, sir? 2:44

  • history and fitness

    history and fitness

     a years ago +1

    Yeap thank you white man for enslavement.

  • halima akuetiemhe

    halima akuetiemhe

     a years ago

    You represent what America 😂😂😂

  • sychophantt


     2 years ago +2

    Very emotional title, no emotion shown

  • Kendrick J

    Kendrick J

     2 years ago +10

    That's why I stopped playing football gotta be a certain type to play.

  • Jason Wallace

    Jason Wallace

     2 years ago

    This is for Emerald Sr, you want to disrespect L.T. and call him a traitor to his race. You will never be half the man he is! He is sending out a message to everyone saying no matter how we came to America anyone can overcome there circumstances and become a success. He is pointing out that the plantation his grandfather lived on is no longer recognized as the slave owner's property but just one name tomilson, people don't see it black or white. he's proud of that fact and it's called change! L.T. wants to see the world moved forward and change for the better and not dwell on the past, but also never forget what happened. Just in case you forgot remember. The slaves were "sold" more or less legally by their (black) owners. Scholars estimate that about 12,000,000 Africans were sold by Africans to Europeans (most of them before 1776, when the USA wasn't yet born) and 17,000,000 were sold to Arabs. But you want to break down L.T. for trying to send a positive message.

  • NeilGrandeur


     2 years ago +7

    This speech makes me sick. Disgusting. I like Malcolm's response... I REJECT my slave name. That is respectable.

    This man wants and loves his slave name? Get outta here. LT is an idiot. That's my opinion...

  • Comrade Tort

    Comrade Tort

     2 years ago +2

    Fuck this clown and all who support this.



     2 years ago

    hey man i make highlights and i used this video in my LT tribute i gave the ink to your channel and i wantent to say im also a chargers/LT fan and i hope u grow :)