IS CHAD WILD CLAY THE HACKER? (Lie Detector Test & New Evidence of Spy Gadgets)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 18, 2018
  • ▶ Is Vy the YouTube Hacker?

    After Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint made FOUND YOUTUBE HACKER SPY GADGETS EXPLORING Our HOUSE and HACKER TRAPPED ME in ABANDONED SCHOOL BUS (Escape Room Challenge and Mystery Clues) CWC and Vy go home and try to hack onto the hackers laptop in real life. They find evidence and mysterious fingerprints that lead them to believe that the hacker has been spying on them in their own house! Chad and Vy find evidence and clues that lead to an abandoned school bus. Vy gets trapped inside like a 24 hours escape room challenge at 3am. Many youtubers think that Chad Wild Clay is the YouTube Hacker. Vy Qwaint does a lie detector test on Chad to find out the truth. Thank you for watching my entertainment friendly comedy videos in 2018!

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  • Vy Qwaint

    Vy Qwaint

     a years ago +8326

    Who do you think is the Hacker?

  • Nathan Redhi

    Nathan Redhi

     an hour ago

    he is going fáciles the test

  • zydrunas skeberdis

    zydrunas skeberdis

     an hour ago

    I love you

  • Rekha Gupta

    Rekha Gupta

     5 hours ago

    The lie detector is daniel

  • dickie games gamer

    dickie games gamer

     9 hours ago

    Why daniel why

  • Eric Miguel Del Rosario

    Eric Miguel Del Rosario

     11 hours ago

    i trust chad because the hacker
    because the hacker is taller the
    hacker is super taller his crush is
    not youtubers

  • Vanessa Bustamante

    Vanessa Bustamante

     16 hours ago

    I saw the leader has red on his chest

  • Mia Garcia

    Mia Garcia

     17 hours ago

    He is a project sorgos member

  • Brianna Davis

    Brianna Davis

     18 hours ago

    I know your name your name Daniels

  • Nicholas Childers

    Nicholas Childers

     21 hours ago

    Pz 1 is Daniel and he is a spy ninja

  • Wat Dhindsa

    Wat Dhindsa

     23 hours ago

    Chad is not the leader

  • Thomas Van der mossel

    Thomas Van der mossel



  • Stefan Cabascu

    Stefan Cabascu


    Daniul 😶😶😶😶😶😶 i ment the lie deteter guy is pz1 oooooooookkkkkkkkk

  • The Atacker

    The Atacker



    sorry I’m a big fan of Star Wars

  • Ray Chang

    Ray Chang


    I no his face

  • Rijuvan Musthafa

    Rijuvan Musthafa


    The lie detected guy is daniel

  • Jose Luis Rotger

    Jose Luis Rotger

     yesterday +3

    The leader is on a hoverboard if you're watching this in 2019 give a like👍👇

  • Unique Karim

    Unique Karim

     yesterday +1

    That is Daniel😎😂

  • Cindy Thompson

    Cindy Thompson


    I saw another picture and Daniel is going to become a spy ninja he loves dolls videos that’s what I think because I know your phone number is SPY to see I love you I’ll see

  • Savannah Bailey

    Savannah Bailey


    And Britty