I attended the BLM rally...They sure did not make me feel welcomed.

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 12, 2016
  • I learned a lot attending a BLM rally. Racism comes in many colors.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/b_UjoNEegms


  • Sed Et

    Sed Et

     1 months ago

    No one cares that the lil ❄ got offended!

  • Mitchell Fxnesse

    Mitchell Fxnesse

     1 months ago

    I found your channel because I’m interested in buying land and you had a pros and cons video regarding that. After finding these BLM videos you made I’m just disappointed. Even more so in the comments. Very misinformed. I hope that by now your views have changed about Black people and it’s no longer “them, they, rally, etc”.

  • faster than you Black

    faster than you Black

     1 months ago

    How do you move around so effortlessly with those brass 10 lb balls sir???

  • Katie Rae

    Katie Rae

     1 months ago


  • B&B Ltd.

    B&B Ltd.

     3 months ago +1

    You sure do love gravel.

  • Simply Okay

    Simply Okay

     5 months ago

    Why should they welcome you?

  • Jeremiah Straight

    Jeremiah Straight

     6 months ago

    All schools matter#Stop having ur white kids shoot up schools. Ur not saying anything about that.

  • Big Man Willie Moore

    Big Man Willie Moore

     a years ago +1

    All lives matter

  • Nunya Biznis

    Nunya Biznis

     a years ago

    There is no need to have a conversation with level-minded blacks because they agree with whites. They are not a problem and they don't see whites as a problem. Like it or not Dave, there will be a race war, it will be part of a civil war and it has already begun. And as a white guy you'll have to fight for your race or be killed by your race. The racist blacks will kill you anyhow so you may as well fight for your own kind.

  • Unified Theory of Life

    Unified Theory of Life

     a years ago

    BLM is a communist group, soros funded, anti against the Black Family. The 80% of us are not awake yet, but the 20% that are awake, we come to the same conclusion as the Truth community, that the Left is no friend of humanity.
    The cops at the highest city levels are all drug dealers, just like Bush ran H and Clinton ran Crack.
    All Lives Matter. There is no The Blacks, you guys have not facex the type of aggressive propaganda in media and culture that we have, since the death of MLK all of our leaders have been villians. They practice on us for what they do to yall.
    20% of Black Men voted for Trump dispite the propaganda. We are waking up, and when we do, we will help the Truth Movement change the World.

  • bank80


     a years ago

    You were not there for dialog, and they accurately identified that.

  • Puni sher

    Puni sher

     a years ago

    You went to see for yourself and see what it was all about. Well done. Not something I personally would have done.

  • Poppa wheelie

    Poppa wheelie

     a years ago

    we are doomed.

  • Nate27885


     a years ago

    BLM is a fake organization. We black people know that. That's why there's no substance to them. Real black organizations addresses real problems in our communities. BLM is not.....is not about black people and the issues that really matter to us. Their real agenda to push the gay agenda while pretending to fight for black people.

  • somerville99


     2 years ago

    Why would they want to make you feel welcome? They are not interested in improving the relationship between whites and blacks.

  • tk Dawes

    tk Dawes

     2 years ago

    I'm sorry they didn't make u feel welcome brotha that's not what the moment is about

  • Mook Master

    Mook Master

     2 years ago

    Go back with BLM we don't want you

  • Seth Wolf

    Seth Wolf

     2 years ago

    The BLM are racist

  • charles mcgonigle

    charles mcgonigle

     2 years ago

    If it looks like shit. smells like shit I don't taste it to make sure I know not to step in it. BLM is full of shit. They don't care about their own lives why in the hell should I. BLM my ass, it's all bullshit. Or should I say it's all bull $hit

  • Nicholas Napier

    Nicholas Napier

     2 years ago

    70% of the prison population is black and black on black crime is overwhelming as you said just like you said 90% targeting each other I saw that in Albany Georgia because there's a lot of crime in Atlanta as well and you know where them going with that but seems like there's a lot of crime going on that we just don't know about they don't want to share it like you said about abortion portions is like 70% with that as well should be about lot higher than that but they have the largest percentage percentages in the United States than any other race