Apple iPhone X Silicone vs Leather Cases (All Colors!)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 9, 2017
  • A detailed look and comparison of all colors of Apple's Silicone and Leather cases for the iPhone X. Enjoy!

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  • Carol Schaffner

    Carol Schaffner

     7 days ago

    How do I remove the case?

  • Jus M

    Jus M

     a months ago

    I have both! Pink Sand Silicone and Saddle Brown Leather.

  • Barking Spider

    Barking Spider

     a months ago

    Interested in selling any?

  • Andrei Darius

    Andrei Darius

     2 months ago

    I prefer silicone cases

  • Ruben Elfrink

    Ruben Elfrink

     2 months ago

    I use a black sillicone case

  • James Bryan Celestra Hidalgo

    James Bryan Celestra Hidalgo

     2 months ago

    Which color do you think is the best? I don't know why I prefer black. Maybe because it prevents my phone from getting dirty.

  • • D y l a n • A s s c

    • D y l a n • A s s c

     3 months ago

    Spicy orange?

  • M A R E C C I

    M A R E C C I

     4 months ago

    You can buy them at for half price lmao , why u keep paying full price

  • alucard kaizokudan

    alucard kaizokudan

     4 months ago

    If Leather have patina effect.. It won easily

  • MHighlights


     4 months ago

    DetoitBorg: the only ever purchaser of dark aubergine

  • MotoBandit ZA

    MotoBandit ZA

     6 months ago

    I've had both. they both protect the phone well, profile is very thin which is nice. Silicone grips on everything in your pocket when putting it in and pulling in out, i fount constantly pushing my pockets back onto my pants and jackets, very restrictive. ie higher level of effort. I prefer the phone sliding into my pocket effortlessly thus i chose leather. If you get leather all leather will darken with natural hand oils eventually become grimy dark leather, So i suggest get black leather my 5c.

  • david Le

    david Le

     6 months ago

    Black is my favorite color

  • Karina Acosta

    Karina Acosta

     6 months ago

    lmao i got an ad for an android

  • unstan


     7 months ago

    Are there any pastel colours? (Blue, yellow,..) I really want to know.

  • Idalia Solis

    Idalia Solis

     8 months ago

    The reviews for the silicone cases are bad in and Amazon. Can you provide some feedback a year later?

  • The Q8_3zIZ

    The Q8_3zIZ

     8 months ago

    I’m have one of Apple selecon cass (black)

  • Brigitte Cesar

    Brigitte Cesar

     8 months ago

    The purple silicone case gives me anxiety

  • IchBinKanake


     8 months ago

    Why this not 360 case...

  • JDMファンボーイ


     9 months ago

    My favourite Silicone Case colour was Midnight Blue

  • JDMファンボーイ


     9 months ago

    5:06 the leather case looks like the rear of Koenigsegg Regera