Don't Cut the Wrong Rope! | Dunk Tank Challenge!!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 19, 2019
  • Team Edge Merchandise! ➡'t Get Dropped Off the Ledge! | Second Story Edition!! ➡ 🔽MORE LINKS BELOW 🔽Hey guys! We made a giant dunk tank! What did you think? What other celebrities should we make trivia questions out of? Let us know what you think down below!Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡ Team Edge Challenge Videos! Season 1 Challenges! ➡ 2 Challenges! ➡ Edge Games San Diego 2016 ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more!Mail Box:24307 Magic Mtn Pkwy #211Valencia, CA 91355Twitter ➡ ➡ ➡ Tuesday - Friday
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  • M4NNY

     4 months ago

    You're actually a Savage if you read more.Now your 2019 is full of good luck, like to activate!😂Łïkê this and šùbśčrïbé to me and your blessed

  • Andrew Mellisy

     17 hours ago

    I already amSavage

  • 1 Bot


    I liked and subscribedThen i disliked all ur vids and, ur comment, and unsubscribedLol 😆

  • Kute Kat

     2 days ago

    I heard a Woody scream when J-Fred said "Tom Hanks."lol😂🤣

  • Burdone Devorace


    I remember being so sad that Bryan was leaving mathias’s channel to start this one

  • dupes and gold

     2 days ago


  • Thatradpotato Spud

     2 days ago

    Canadace Cameron is in a show called fuller houseEdit:I’m watching it now


     3 months ago

    I’m am so confused on how this game works 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Pig Y Bakon

     17 hours ago

    AMZY DANCE It’s so easy to understand just pay attention and not think “What cringey and stupid comment and stupid comment am I going to make today?”.

  • Connor Gaughan

     12 days ago

    Because the game/rules is/are dumb

  • Gooberus Goober

     3 months ago

    Point scoring on this game is so confusing xD

  • Pig Y Bakon

     17 hours ago

    Gooberus Goober Also pay attention instead of commenting for likes and attention.

  • Pig Y Bakon

     17 hours ago

    Gooberus Goober It’s really not.

  • Err0r Animations

     2 months ago

    THE DANG COFFEE ONE WAS JACKSEPTICEYEHe calls it the nectar of the gods

  • Deadpoolman

     4 days ago

    @Saheb Chhabra That's what he says now and plus I think your talking about the coke, he called it the nectar of the gods in like 2016

  • Mary Jo Sciortino

     18 days ago

    @Err0r Animations I was talking about coffee

  • 라사

     2 months ago

    "If you're confused by this game, so am I."*SAME BRYAN SAME*

  • MURPHY Austin

     9 days ago

    @Mary Jo Sciortino @

  • Mary Jo Sciortino

     19 days ago

    I live off undertale

  • Sofia Baldwin

     3 months ago

    “Im really excited to DUNK you!” Megalovania intensifies

  • Matthew Robbins

     11 days ago


  • ceph456 ch3y

     17 days ago