Mortal Kombat 11 - Game Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 10, 2019
  • The long running fighting game gore fest has reached its 11th installment. Here's my review of MORTAL KOMBAT 11!#MortalKombat #MortalKombat11
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  • Nick Mendoza

     1 months ago

    Wasn’t expecting this review but I’ll take more Jeremy Game Reviews.Always enjoy your thoughts and opinions keep it up Jeremy

  • Abraham Abbas

     27 days ago

    Hit..hit...smack..... its like hes doing a dance.

  • sudha bhatt

     1 months ago

    Still waiting for red dead redemption 2

  • Raebo911

     1 months ago

    "Ronda Rousey's voice acting does lend itself to Mortal Kombat..."Oh, okay. I guess that makes sen--*"...Annihilation."*Oooooooh...

  • Duo West

     1 months ago

    @The Comment Thief is okay, my friend. let's throw football. Anyway, how's your sex life?

  • Matt Bell

     1 months ago


  • Kostas

     1 months ago

    "But how much leg is Kitana showing?... We will ponder that question, as Shao Kahn smashes someones head out their asshole." This line is both so damn true and so freaking hilarious.

  • ecclesiastes118

     1 months ago

    @creshiell Must be precisely why all the women who take off their clothes for magazines call it "empowering".

  • creshiell

     1 months ago

    @P S I'm sure you laughed at that. Simpletons laugh at anything

  • Bruce LeeRoy

     1 months ago

    Changing the color of the ninjas is like changing the bandana colors of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It completely changes their identities.

  • roberto gurrola

     1 months ago

    I disagree, I loved playing as a Golden Sub-Zero in injustice 2.

  • gilberito2001

     1 months ago

    Victor Kruger yeah and there is hardly a reason to grind anyway. The skins in this game are ass

  • D & D

     1 months ago

    Sonya Blade:S Tier Character Ronda Rousey:D Tier Voice Acting

  • BeastMaster 64


    @TellosaurusRex I won't talk about acting. But Tobey Maguire was the most Spiderman of all of them. Andrew Garfield is just too good looking to be Peter Parker. And Tom Holland's writing is just really whiny. He's just "Mr. Stark" all the time. Which isn't spiderman.Now that's your choice on that. If you're like 'Fuck the comics.' Type of guy thenTom Holland's version is good. But in the comics Spiderman would never be dependant on someone else for his suit and everything. That was the worst...

  • Cordale Smith

     28 days ago

    @Big K lmao what the fuck did you just say?

  • bulletproofman323

     1 months ago

    Johnny Cage took Guile's advice, went home and became a family man.

  • Airthew

     1 months ago

    @bulletproofman323 well it was Tonys advice for Cap

  • bulletproofman323

     1 months ago

    @Airthew Yes, Tony Stark took Guile's advice to heart as well. Lol

  • Could'veBeenBetterProductions

     1 months ago

    "her voice acting lends itself to Mortal Kombat... Annihilation"DAMN Jeremy throwing that SHADE

  • MrCervantesent

     1 months ago

    Mortal Kombat: You're not gonna wear a bikini in a fight.Dead Or Alive: Hold my beer...

  • Dai Atlas

     a months ago

    MK9: Hold my tits.

  • Starscream91

     1 months ago

    Alexa Bliss: Hold my beer.

  • Dario Esquivel

     1 months ago

    MK9 was the best... story, costumes, fatalities, even the towers challenges were fun, tag team fights! I don't understand why the developers removed that mechanic...

  • Intimidator X

     1 months ago

    Hopefully they will do it for ps4 (MK9)

  • Buttery Man

     1 months ago

    Dario Esquivel nah MK 11 is better because it’s recent. MK 9 is very outdated.

  • C&M Punk

     1 months ago

    Voice Acting is tough to do idk why they let Rousey voice a main established character. Shoulda gave her a new character to voice

  • Emperor NiteByte

     1 months ago

    @Matthew Cooper you know she's hated by liberals the people nrs are pandering to

  • Matthew Cooper

     1 months ago

    Or just, not let her be a voice actress. She can't do it, they're just trying to bend the knee like Jeremy said.