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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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  • Savannah Carpenter

     a months ago

    You should do the 48 hours in the wild challenge with The Dolan twins. You and Ethan can be a team cuz it looks like you both dont know shit about the wilderness and Grayson can be by himself because he is the independent expert. PLEASE LIKE SO EMMA CAN SEE

  • ItsClouds

     24 minutes ago

    No you should shut up

  • • BB •

     17 hours ago

    @Pierre-jean Leila fuck james

  • crusty bitch

     18 days ago

    *I want Emma to do a video where she goes one full day without swearing and drinking coffee*

  • ItzYAgirlPATRICK_Playzz ——————————————-


    crusty bitch and I oop-

  • Juno Wright


    She’d probably get a headache

  • Anastasia

     24 days ago

    Emma: Has a huge pack of really nice colored pencilsAlso Emma: Uses them as a table and uses Crayola markers instead

  • Isabella Tepichin

     2 days ago


  • Sarah Foxy

     6 days ago


  • Terra

     21 days ago

    Emma’s vocabulary:SuiTcAse

  • Zoe Lemaire

     17 days ago


  • Angelina Rowland

     22 days ago

    Every time Emma burped in this video:⬇️

  • Hayley heart

     4 days ago

    it’s 666 lol

  • Angelina Rowland

     14 days ago

    KEVINCELLULAR Haha that too😂

  • Tegan Taylor

     a months ago

    Emma HAS to do a challenge with the twins...PETITION HERE⬇️

  • maria kara

     7 hours ago

    Tegan Taylor honestly why haven’t they yet?! i was think gray would be mad that she didn’t use the directions hahaha

  • Muskan SINGH


    When you’re a

  • youdon'tknow me

     16 days ago

    If I would ever have THAT balcony I would literally live there like for real

  • Sara Hostetler

     14 days ago

    FR!! I just commented the same. I would have it decorated all cute with patio furniture and plants and cute lights strung out there and one of those little fire place table things and be up there laying out, reading a book, and at night lounging out with my fire pit and relaxing....lmao got it all planned out😍

  • Anne Sofie Merkistein

     18 days ago

    "It's getting cooler outside. It's like 70°F" Americans: ahh, it's getting a little coolerEveryone else: wtf how much is that

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  • jooniverse


    Lol not for all Americans. Up north is cooler and down south is hot, so for people like me who live up north, 70° is warm-hot. 60° and below is cooler

  • Romy DelPo

     20 days ago

    Literally you could sell those drawings and people would buy them

  • Yah Gurl KaeKae

     3 days ago

    Sad boi Hours, bruh

  • Sad boi Hours

     11 days ago

    Kaycee R. Japan has square watermelons wym

  • Maelynn Beevers

     10 days ago

    It's Emma aware that she has like 5 outlets out there? I mean she could've brought her laptop to watch YouTube and Netflix, she could charge her phone, she could've done so many things if she realized that

  • wellbuttermybiscut

     18 hours ago

    She also could have slept on her FREAKING OUTDOOR FURNITURE

  • Timmy Turner

     2 days ago

    She could have brought a fan