Stray Dog Steals Pizza From Workers During Lunch And Leads Them To Starving Family

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 5, 2019
  • On the 17th Of April 2018 in Palo Alto, California, a group of workers on their lunch break decided to enjoy a pepperoni pizza before heading back to work.
    But they were not prepared for what was about to happen just seconds later.
    A stray dog came up to them and ran away after stealing a slice of their pizza.
    Instead of chasing after the dog, the workers could tell that the stray pup was severely malnourished and decided to help.
    Their first priority was to get help for the stray pup and they did that by calling the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA and telling them about their tiny pizza thief.
    When the rescue staff arrived at the scene, they immediately spotted the hungry stray pup, and that’s when everyone realized that the slice of pizza she stole wasn’t only for her.
    The stray pup who was then named Queen Elizabeth led the rescue workers straight to her starving family of six malnourished puppies, who were just 3 days old.
    Queen Elizabeth was doing everything she could to take care of her babies, stated the Peninsula Humane Society.
    So what happened to her and her babies?
    Watch the video below to see what happened next!

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  • last time

    last time

     a months ago

    Whoever made this video forgot to put in an ending OR the beer truck arrived and off he went.

  • CuteDog LilAngel

    CuteDog LilAngel

     a months ago

    Gorgeous, cute and funny

  • Gloria Rosen

    Gloria Rosen

     a months ago

    Shows a whole bunch of different dogs. And no ending. Odd.

  • Hell Hound45

    Hell Hound45

     a months ago +1

    WTH this pisses me off....How can you end a video like this the way you did....Jesus I am crying here because of the mommy's way of trying to take care of herself and family....and you just drop it.....This really sucks

  • WoLF SkY BLuE

    WoLF SkY BLuE

     a months ago

    Umm sooooo..... What happened to her and her baby's talk about click bait

  • Lydia Waffleman

    Lydia Waffleman

     a months ago +1

    They don't show the real dog...

  • barbara palmer

    barbara palmer

     a months ago +2

    So is that it? At least the workers rang for help for the beautiful momma dog and her babies. It is heartbreaking to see, poor stray dogs looking for food for their babies. What wonderful mothers they are. God bless them all

  • Chris Ramey

    Chris Ramey

     a months ago

    They want you to subscribe and pay them money to hear the rest! Hate that!

  • Lunkis


     a months ago +1

    So what happened to The poor family 😠?

  • Lizzie Bordon

    Lizzie Bordon

     a months ago +7

    So? What happened to her and her babies? Stupid video tells half a story.