C-SPAN: Joe Wong at RTCA Dinner

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 18, 2010
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/buSv1jjAels


  • ca8rio8ca

     7 months ago

    Who came here from Joe Wrong stand up presentation in Stephen Colbert late night show?This is gold!

  • Vitas Ardhana

     27 days ago

    Me and im so glaaddd..!!! Lol

  • princesslibra20

     1 months ago

    ca8rio8ca Me 🙌🏻

  • A Vivaldi

     5 years ago

    The fact that he is able to be funny without being vulgar, swearing, or insulting another race, belief, personality, opinion, religion etc shows how much of a genius and a good comedian he is.

  • Mani Alizadeh

     1 months ago

    @reef1963 I never said he was a racist. I said saying it's OK to make fun of your own race but not others is racist.

  • reef1963

     1 months ago

    @Mani AlizadehHe is not a racist. You have too much imagination.

  • Gavin Li

     5 years ago

    I understand how hard it is to be funny in one's second language. You have my respect, HuangXi.

  • Brian Teo

     1 months ago

    Hey! It’s Joe Wong

  • ABESIT1983

     3 months ago

    I think he has a universal sense of humor, in my household, sarcasm is the way to convey what we really think. In Chinese and english

  • Mar Vin

     3 years ago

    Hu Cares 2016

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    @飞龙在天 2019不换任

  • 飞龙在天

     5 months ago

    Hu cares 2019

  • Benjamin Crouzier

     1 years ago

    *Transcript* because captions are so out of syncGood evening, everyone. My name is Joe Wong, but to most people, I'm known as "who?!" (laughter) which is actually my mother's maiden name, (laughter) and the answer to my credit card security question. (laughter) But joking aside, I just want to reassure everybody that I am invited here tonight. (laughter) I grew up in China, who didn't? (laughter) And my childhood memories are totally ruined by my childhood. (laughter) When I was in elem...

  • Josephine Zhou

     6 days ago


  • tatama

     18 days ago

    didn't realize it's a lot of work and thoughts before you spell it all out.

  • Danyal Elia

     3 years ago

    " I felt that life is kinda like.... peeing to the snow in the dark winter night, you probably made the difference but it is really hard to tell." that ladies and gentlemen what I call a Masterpiece punch line.

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    @Yuanrun YAO 想多了,说奥巴马的,跟人家讲黄人人家能感同身受?

  • Yuanrun YAO

     1 months ago

    Nah,he just mean to say how difficult it is for a asian to succeed in politic.snow -white men.night-black men and pee is yellow.

  • TheNigerianTiger

     4 years ago

    this guy is genius. u can usually hear another wave of laughing since his jokes has may layers

  • fastballonly

     3 months ago

    Timmy MOORE Indeed. And half the crowd seems to lack it.

  • Timmy MOORE

     4 months ago

    One needs to be intelligence to understand his jokes

  • A Patel

     5 years ago

    Some people in the audience have no sense of humor at all.

  • Jennifer Yu

     1 months ago

    @T Tanizawa omg ikr that irritates me sm

  • Jennifer Yu

     1 months ago

    well said is it cuz he's chinese

  • Tam Nguyen

     7 months ago

    Joe Wong writes jokes with the discipline of a PhD - he puts insane amount of thoughts behind his work.

  • Joe Xue

     1 months ago

    yeah and you are very smart to figure that out.

  • princesslibra20

     1 months ago

    As one of the comments even pointed out, he is funny and original without using curses or being vulgar. There is so much talent in that alone, there are no longer many.

  • Dru Sidora

     2 years ago

    I see some white stuck up "dry and cold" humorless people...and all i will say is "people like you is what I cannot stand in this world" .....this guy is funny and deserves respect

  • yirk1

     1 months ago

    Dru Sidora i see them too