Years After She Was Separated From Her Sergeant, This Military Dog Heard Him Calling Her Name

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 20, 2018
  • Soldiers are commonly warned against forming emotional connections with the dogs that they serve with in the field. But for one particular sergeant, that advice proved impossible to follow. Thanks to all he and his dog been through together, Jason Bos found himself deeply attached to his slobbery sidekick. Unfortunately, circumstances meant that the dream team eventually went their separate ways – but that wasn’t the end of the tale. Man and dog were ultimately reunited, and their meeting was a moment that Bos had been looking forward to for years.

    The object of Bos’ affections is Cila, a handsome chocolate brown Labrador. Better known to her handler as Cici, the pooch bravely served alongside Bos in Iraq for an impressive five years; little wonder then that the two formed such an unbreakable bond. But although Cici had experienced more things than many humans, it remained to be seen whether she would remember her beloved handler.

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  • iluvubb247


     22 hours ago

    As the old “adage” goes.... it’s pronounced “a-dáje” the second “a” is drown out and long. Couldn’t help my musical background to not try to save you from a further embarrassment 😑
    Beautiful story though! I love animals and I have tremendous respect for those who protect and serve! 👏❤️

  • Kenneth Behrens

    Kenneth Behrens



  • Gary D Flatt

    Gary D Flatt


    It is impossible! They are such pure loving souls. My last Malinois died at about fifteen years old. "Angel" was her name.

  • David



    I'm just hoping at this moment , that Elons a dog person }; )

  • Tammy Atkinson

    Tammy Atkinson

     4 days ago

    I've always heard when you meet a dog they remember you forever and I do believe that to be true!!

  • Jose Bey

    Jose Bey

     6 days ago


  • Thetequilashooter1


     7 days ago

    I love the story, but the video dragged on forever.

  • Rob Wass

    Rob Wass

     7 days ago

    My heart goes out to these winers

  • Neti j

    Neti j

     7 days ago

    Yeah but I wanted to see the video not just talked about it..

  • Vivi Xxx

    Vivi Xxx

     7 days ago

    Que lindo que conserve a su compañero y que permanezcan juntos.

  • Fred Pepe

    Fred Pepe

     7 days ago +4

    Dogs are never property, I feel it’s disgusting to think of a dog as such

  • Brandy Ramos

    Brandy Ramos

     7 days ago


  • Rebecca Kennedy

    Rebecca Kennedy

     7 days ago

    I miss my cocker spaniel smudge blue roan cocker spaniel he loved me only & would do anything I ask him

  • Rebecca Kennedy

    Rebecca Kennedy

     7 days ago

    I wish I had plenty of money to own a dog a beautiful loving dog

  • John Van Dusen

    John Van Dusen

     14 days ago

    This was NOT a video. It was all still photo's. Very boring!

  • Jody Parkman

    Jody Parkman

     14 days ago

    What a beautiful dog and story! Thank you, to the both of you for your service to the United States Of America 🇺🇸 God Bless 🙏🏻

  • Barbara Underwood

    Barbara Underwood

     14 days ago

    Military dogs r wonderful & yes sir the dogs should be returned to their original owners because there is a bond. Some people thinks animals don’t have feelings, remember r have bonds but they do ‼️‼️‼️🥰🥰🥰

  • Sarge084


     14 days ago

    Eye rack!!!!

  • Jeannine Summers

    Jeannine Summers

     14 days ago

    I adore these true stories! I love the bond that happens with humans and dogs! ♥️ you should take him into hospitals for special visits! 🌻

  • Tony Jones

    Tony Jones

     14 days ago

    Anybody who spends time in combat zone with a military dog should be allowed to keep the dog...!