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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018
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  • Michael Desmangles

    Michael Desmangles

     2 months ago +3429

    She's so sweet and so aggressive at the same time.

  • Yuji


     2 months ago +4642

    She knows how to make things not awkward

  • vi har slutat

    vi har slutat

     4 months ago +11573

    Rayne: Are you in pain
    Me: not physically
    Rayne: Oh sweetie

  • Zoe A

    Zoe A

     3 months ago +3442

    “This was consensual”
    Well damn😂

  • Diamond Liggins

    Diamond Liggins

     4 months ago +4607

    “WAIT...uu have a period in ur stomach?” 🤣

  • Bisexuwhale


     2 months ago +2264

    “Am I some kind of fetish?”
    “Real shit”
    I died oml😂😂😂

  • Ellie Andreas

    Ellie Andreas

     1 months ago +1884

    somebody with a disability walks in:
    rayne: siCkLe CeLL

  • Gino Nelson

    Gino Nelson

     2 months ago +1412

    Rayne is actually very kind.
    She is the type of person who doesn't show their kindness outside but have a very warm heart inside.
    I love watching her videos.
    More Rayne!!!

  • Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach

     3 months ago +3771

    Is she like fricking 6'5 or are those people just 4 foot?
    I would guess that she's around 5'9-6'0.

  • Georgia Margaux

    Georgia Margaux

     1 months ago +432

    😢 rayne is so respectful and does so well at trying to make everyone comfortable with her humour in every video she’s in like wow i love her

  • Charlie Dawson

    Charlie Dawson

     1 months ago +340

    I can't imagine how emotionally draining it would be to have to figure out if somebody is fetishising you or genuinely likes you.

  • Cayden Taylor

    Cayden Taylor

     1 months ago +563

    Rayne: Is it PTSD
    Veteran: yeah
    Also Rayne: are you mad at America

  • emily yates

    emily yates

     3 months ago +911

    "No. No..start again..."
    This was the best person for this interview!

  • XxGacha Princess

    XxGacha Princess

     3 months ago +798

    Person 1#: are you in pain?
    Person 2#: not physically
    Me: same too girl

  • Jillian M. Butner

    Jillian M. Butner

     1 months ago +219

    ☹☹ I hope that the lady with endometriosis is able to have kids❤

  • OrangeCrush Gamer

    OrangeCrush Gamer

     1 months ago +210

    Btw PTSD isn't just military related, people need to understand that.

  • RewardingGrin


     6 months ago +6448

    I feel like Rayne's humor is under appreciated. I swear she's my goddamn spirit animal.

  • Destiny Martinez

    Destiny Martinez

     14 days ago +83

    I enjoy that she was able to joke around without being disrespectful.

  • Sophie Hart

    Sophie Hart

     2 months ago +540

    "are you in pain?"
    "not physically"

  • Heaven Harris

    Heaven Harris

     2 months ago +252

    I choked when she said you got period in your stomach 💀💀