Hong Kong's poor and elderly living in caged housing

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • Dateline revisits 'The Cage Dwellers'', a documentary that SBS aired on 27/09/2009. Amidst the glamorous apartments and up-market boutiques, reporter Adrian Brown uncovers a disturbing side to Asia's World City; Thousands of Hong Kong's poor and elderly are living in cages.https://www.sbs.com.au/news/datelinehttps://www.facebook.com/DatelineSBS/#SpecialBroadcastingService#DatelineSBS#Documentary
  • Source: https://youtu.be/c7IA8DWt0ZY




     3 months ago +205

    The story of Jessica and her mom is truly heartbreaking. That's no way for a human, let alone a young child, to live. 💔

  • Gabriel


     3 months ago +147

    Seeing that little girl still smiling and just being a kid broke my heart. She just walked off to school like that. Unbelievable...I can't imagine, I'm so ungrateful. I sometimes complain if I don't make $100 just in tips at my job. Thanks for reporting on this. Pray for these people who are truly suffering and trying to get out.

  • Onetrack


     3 months ago +520

    And all those wasted giant empty cities in mainland china, built for millions with no-one in them.

  • Xanax Smoothies

    Xanax Smoothies

     2 months ago +325

    Watching this video makes me appreciate my life so much more

  • Loan Chan

    Loan Chan

     3 months ago +182

    Disgusted how HK government made statement that it is people choice to live in a small place and cage. No wonder HK people continue to fight two systems with mainland.

  • walk in beauty

    walk in beauty

     3 months ago +438

    We have to take care of our elderly in our own homes and show respect to them and not just toss them off like garbage!!

  • John Paranormal

    John Paranormal

     2 months ago +106

    Jessica, such a cute little kid with a beautiful smile. I hope she has a bright future

  • PSP


     2 months ago +120

    Some of us complain about what we do not have...always someone worse off unfortunately! My 3 room apt is a castle in comparison

  • IndoHati Carol

    IndoHati Carol

     3 months ago +129

    😔So sorry,People of Hong Kong.I hope your government wakes up and helps their people.This is no way to live.😩❤

  • Curtis Barker

    Curtis Barker

     3 months ago +218

    That! Is not Normal...Cages are you ayeffing kidding me! Their human beings When the super rich do nothing to solve such social problems as these its appauling that not one among those few have took the time to process empathy and compassion for the down trodden and the broken and the elderly

  • knowslittle 1

    knowslittle 1

     2 months ago +72

    And they are so advanced they say.How people treat their elderly shows their true advancement

  • strawberrie


     3 months ago +156

    I wish there was an updated documentary about this issue. I'd like to see if there was any progress at all.

  • jillian horsley

    jillian horsley

     2 months ago +78

    Corporations and their greed have created a hell on Earth, this should make people very angry.

  • Simiiformes


     2 months ago +61

    I will never complain about my 2 bedroom 2 bath mobile home ever again.

  • Tanya Dixon

    Tanya Dixon

     2 months ago +68

    This is a human created tragedy. Never say that a nation cannot afford to care for their elderly citizens, especially in Hong Kong. This MUST be addressed.☹️

  • Tamara Weber

    Tamara Weber

     2 months ago +62

    Heartbreaking Video!!! I'm crying for the people they need more appropriate living facilities and the elderly need to be taken care of appropriately. Prayers for the people that they no longer suffer 😳

  • debra benoit

    debra benoit

     2 months ago +33

    Agenda 21 global plan for us all.

  • Sues Anna

    Sues Anna

     2 months ago +51

    Prisons are way more comfortable and more luxurious then that.

  • Dave Fontana

    Dave Fontana

     3 months ago +102

    WTF Why, is this not front page . I bet this is where it stays to.
    Like someone else said, this is not normal. Nothing shocks people anymore.

  • Antonino


     3 months ago +61

    this is the beautiful society of which our good politicians are so proud.
    I am ashamed to be part of the human race.
    even those animals considered as aggressive species are better than us humans.