Hong Kong's poor and elderly living in caged housing

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 18, 2019
  • Dateline revisits 'The Cage Dwellers'', a documentary that SBS aired on 27/09/2009. Amidst the glamorous apartments and up-market boutiques, reporter Adrian Brown uncovers a disturbing side to Asia's World City; Thousands of Hong Kong's poor and elderly are living in cages.


  • Source: https://youtu.be/c7IA8DWt0ZY


  • Rose A.h.

    Rose A.h.



  • Rose A.h.

    Rose A.h.



  • Kallus Garnet

    Kallus Garnet


    they should do tours imagine all the money they will make i hope they paid these old people.

  • Unise Mendez

    Unise Mendez

     3 days ago

    THIS Sadness and the U.S. worries about PLASTIC BAGS in the ocean and whether a GENDER is a GENDER!!! SICK!!!!!!!!

  • The Genius

    The Genius

     3 days ago

    Why you think these little asian girls want to get with white men? So they can live in actual homes in america. Theyr'e worth nothing

  • Teresa Konelio

    Teresa Konelio

     4 days ago

    Sad to see this,but I am thankful I have my little home in Australia.Thank God for that.

  • Ralphie Bones

    Ralphie Bones

     4 days ago

    I was really fighting back tears when the daughter Jessica told her mom not to cry. Good God this is so sad and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. This should not be allowed. :-(

  • Rena Massey

    Rena Massey

     4 days ago

    So their government claims that people CHOOSE to live in these horrible conditions. Shame! This is a disgrace!

  • Sandra Jones

    Sandra Jones

     5 days ago

    Now wait a second Mrs Lam, mainland China isn't a bed of roses! I think that maybe you're better off in HK? Although I've said this before, all the ghost cities on the mainland can cure the overcrowding in HK.

    The apartments are just sitting their getting Dusty, so if the government moved all these people to them, I'm sure it would hit 2 birds.

  • gunner74


     5 days ago

    All 'isms' are responsible for this. Some blame communism, socialism or anarchism for lawless leaders and elites to live high off the hog while others suffer but capitalism isn't any different. Corporations run Washington DC and there are millions of unemployed Americans and veterans who are struggling to pay school loans. Some make it in America because of the buddy buddy system or secret society affiliation; not talent, skill or academic achievement. If anyone believes in the 'American Dream" then the people living in cages in Hong Kong are richer than you. The Federal Reserve is private for one. The US dollar is fiat and is backed my Americans sweat and toil, not value. Keep believing the West is better...you'll be dismayed when you find out the truth.

  • Cannibal Wrecker

    Cannibal Wrecker

     6 days ago

    My shoebox room is bigger than their cubicle house but at least they have a door... but still I guess I’m thanking my mom to at least give me a room even though it’s supposed to be a storage one :)

  • M pua

    M pua

     6 days ago

    The same situation under the British rule. Whats the big deal.

  • Lighting Fusion

    Lighting Fusion

     6 days ago

    I'm from ST. MAARTEN, this is sad it's hurting my heart

  • Grimescene City

    Grimescene City

     7 days ago

    Where the fuck are all the ultra wealthy guys? Fuck them man they dontbhelp enough. The 1% earn more money than the rest of the world but they're too fucking selfish to help



     7 days ago


  • Kyle Maciag

    Kyle Maciag

     7 days ago +2

    Approved by the government, what a joke.

  • Mk2 Max

    Mk2 Max

     7 days ago

    Queen of British cause 'coffin' homes。 British time all the land of Hong Kong’s belongs to Queen of British with the policy of high price land。Until today almost all the lands control by several huge developer(family)。The Chief of HK want to built low cost house but the opposition party (So-Called Pro-Democracy party)rejected it。 Then the opposition party start the RIOT。

  • Mable Jones

    Mable Jones

     7 days ago

    Shame ,shame ,shame on the Chinese government this is dangerous unhealthy living, why do the government not help it's people more by moving them out of these conditions and into the buildings that's new and more spacious. It just shows you what kind of rulers rule China they don't care. Shame on the Chinese government.

  • Dalton Jividen

    Dalton Jividen

     7 days ago

    Government approved the house the fuck is wrong with you
    Hong Kong theres more that 50 billionaires there and this shit is still going on y'all are fucking garbage for letting those people love like that

  • MLB


     7 days ago

    This is like an 80s movie come to real life