Hard Questions For a Mother to Answer | {THE AND} Angelina & Melitza

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • Angelina & Melitza, mother and daughter, have always stuck by each other, but as Angelina grows up, so must their relationship. Melitza goes point for point with her daughter about how to handle privacy and responsibility, and Angelina has some very difficult questions for her mother regarding the truth about her father.

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    Hard Questions For A Mother to Answer | {THE AND} Angelina & Melitza

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  • Entle Mmipi

    Entle Mmipi

     16 minutes ago




     3 hours ago

    I salute u for being such a wonderful mom 👏 and for raising this girl and making her a more wonderful daughter 👏 God bless you all ❤

  • Amiyah Delk

    Amiyah Delk

     7 hours ago

    Sharing emotions or how I feel makes me feel weak and weird and idk why. It makes me feel like because i shared that people are going to want to check up on me and i would just rather keep things to myself and be independent to myself😞☹

  • Amiyah Delk

    Amiyah Delk

     7 hours ago

    I'm so stubborn and mean so it would be hard to talk to my mom like this

  • Rose Julien

    Rose Julien

     10 hours ago

    She is a very smart girl?

  • Disappointment :/

    Disappointment :/

     13 hours ago

    This is so sweet

  • Galaxy Potato

    Galaxy Potato

     21 hours ago

    “I know my baby”
    That’s adorable 🥰

  • Savannah Smith

    Savannah Smith


    damn. this is a real connection.

  • Ravenclaw Neko

    Ravenclaw Neko


    She's so adorable with her little cat headband

  • serenityq26



    thats a good mom. strict but caring

  • serenityq26



    if you find it hard to talk to your kid about life just make them watch every single episode of saved by the bell. they will not only learn bout the real world but through zack fucking up they know what NOT to do. worked for me!

  • melina dickinson

    melina dickinson


    Amazing family.

  • Hazel Jones

    Hazel Jones


    This was so heart touching - it reminds me on how thankful I am for my mom .

  • Flabby Abby

    Flabby Abby


    This is so sweet

  • Mekhi E

    Mekhi E

     2 days ago

    Best mother-daughter relationship ever

  • leah p

    leah p

     2 days ago

    I love their mommy daughter dynamic 😍

  • JJ Green

    JJ Green

     2 days ago

    Why do I wanna cry right now 😫

  • RassclartFunds


     2 days ago

    On god I would love to do this with my mum

  • Delroy Dove

    Delroy Dove

     3 days ago

    people in the comments saying they think he was in jail for rape or domestic abuse, i doubt that...i think the father killed someone because in the vid he was in they mentioned that he was on death row at some point

  • xo_Abbie_ox 123

    xo_Abbie_ox 123

     3 days ago

    It’s shit not knowing what one of your parents has done to not be in the picture I am 13 and my mum just told me 💗 it’s hard but her mother will tell her eventually