Disney Doesn't Understand Lightsabers

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 24, 2018
  • Star Wars gave us the Lightsaber. Disney threw it away. Why doesn’t Disney understand Star Wars and especially the lightsaber? We all wanted one as a kid, now, not so much. I’ll also show you which movie Rian Johnson copied for the Throne Room scene. It will surprise you. What has Kathleen Kennedy done to Star Wars?

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    Thanks to Drunk 3PO for his “Rey” lightsaber photo (check out his YouTube channel)
  • Source: https://youtu.be/c85KaDSMIRM


  • Geeks + Gamers

    Geeks + Gamers

     27 days ago +6202

    Dude, you're so ridiculously awesome. Your videos are easily some of the best on YouTube!
    - Jeremy

  • Omar Aguirre

    Omar Aguirre

     13 minutes ago

    I actually thought Kylo Ren will die when Rey slay him in the head

  • Scott K

    Scott K

     46 minutes ago

    Where'd you go? Your videos are pure gold, but you haven't posted in a month. Come back!

  • Govvy


     an hour ago

    And I thought Disney smelt bad on the outside!!

  • Hillowrym


     an hour ago

    I was expecting a more insightful and measured critique; the mocking is overdone (it's not engaging)

  • Darth Scrios

    Darth Scrios

     an hour ago

    or you know more of a pg 13 light saber for children does Disney not know light sabers or do you not know Disney there isn't much to your argument in this other than bitching and wishing you had old light sabers. don't blame Disney if anything blame PC culture and having to cater to peoples sensitivity

  • Cole Robinson

    Cole Robinson

     an hour ago

    I hate this Disney shit I wish Lucas would've kept it going his self

  • nackydmoose


     an hour ago

    There's examples in all the movies of somebody getting "sliced" but not cleaved in half with the lightsaber. Say I got shot at...if a bullet grazes the outside of my arm it's will leave a vastly different injury than if it landed in the center of my arm. The slice to Finn's back actually could have been more of a flesh wound and it would have been cauterized by the saber's heat. Also, Finn was a trained Imperial soldier from a young age. Just cause they mainly rely on blasters does not mean he's not trained in hand to hand combat. Otherwise what would they do if their blaster malfunctioned or ran out of power. While he wouldn't had trained with a lightsaber, I'm sure he has skills that would apply to allow him to hold his own against a severly injured Kylo Ren. Do ppl purposefully forget he was shot by Chewie's bow...a weapon they spent the movie building up as being really destructive. He was using all the force...literally and figuratively...to keep himself standing...he wouldn't have been fighting at his best. As for the recovery. With all the advanced technology...by our standards...I'm sure something exists to help folks heal pretty quick out there.
    Also in terms of Luke making the lazer sword comment...it's obvious he was being sarcastic.



     an hour ago

    You know the new movies are bad when I'm feeling nostalgic for the prequels.

  • L Bossert

    L Bossert

     2 hours ago

    Even The Clone Wars (kid's show) displayed quintuple decapitation scenes, while these new Disney dumpster fires only show scratches... what a shame

  • Rick Whitman

    Rick Whitman

     2 hours ago

    It's entertainment ...
    Not Life ...
    Unclench your Ass, and stop being so Uptight ...

  • MrOtters36


     2 hours ago +1

    Your a baby

  • Nate MacBane

    Nate MacBane

     2 hours ago

    They tipped em DipShit

  • Kevin Bui

    Kevin Bui

     2 hours ago

    Not a big SW fan, but after watching your vids, I learned how much Disney ruined the franchise.
    Keep up the awesome videos! Very quality content.

  • Ashley Landwehr

    Ashley Landwehr

     3 hours ago

    Obviously they’re just giving away lightsabers like participation awards in kids sports 🤦‍♂️

  • i2aven420


     3 hours ago

    It's PG-13 thats why. Robot mutilation is ok, no human dismemberment allowed. It's a movie/tv show, not real life. The choreography was straight up WWE though. Like come on, WWE might have even done that better.

  • Rod Hand

    Rod Hand

     3 hours ago

    Disney dont know squat about star wars

  • Daniel Wright

    Daniel Wright

     3 hours ago

    Honestly, I think you brought up a few valid points. Though, on the other foot, the majority of this video was you whining about creative choices that were made (not just by Disney, as a lot of the same crew likely worked on the films.. The company, lucasfilms, changed hands, but it's not like they cut ALL the staff and replaced them.. idiot). Regardless, the film may not have been the best in the Star Wars franchise, but it's not like the others weren't riddled with plot-holes/actor errors and the exact same things you mentioned here.
    Oh no.. Luke's turned in to an old man, hiding away, not wanting anything to do with the universe, the Force, or Jedi any longer.. That.. That actually makes sense. It makes sense that he'd call them laser swords. He's disrespecting the Jedi line. Likely because it did as much harm as it did good.
    Sure, the one guy in the throne room scene should have killed Rey. In mid-fight, when you're both scared of death and your adrenaline is pumping, you'll likely make a mistake. Kylo hits the floor a few times.. So what? He's a young person, who may have trained for a few years, but even then.. Are you kidding me? Mid fight, multiple enemies, shit happens. Same can be said for the Elite Praetorian Guard .. So you're fighting and fighting and fighting.. You get run at, arm held, you drop your other blade, you don't expect her to drop and grab her weapon.. Maybe she used the Force on his arm preventing him from killing her? Go with the flow and stop nit picking on the SMALLEST things and enjoy the film.
    Now, I agree Finn should have died from his slash-across-the-back, if it were a bit deeper. Due to the angle, I personally saw the slash as a.. graze, more than anything. Same with Kylo's face. Maybe his helmet, likely made of the same lightsaber repellent material as shown in this film and the last was just better able to block certain parts and he was left with a big cut/burn? Who knows. Doesn't make the film any worse because they added tension that ended in near-death as opposed to death.

  • Connor Wieland

    Connor Wieland

     3 hours ago

    They should just let Pablo Hidalgo direct the new films

  • Michael Buchko

    Michael Buchko

     3 hours ago

    Damn, used to think that scene was the only redeeming one in the movie, but you've ruined it for me lol. Other than that stab on the ground, that shit was just weird. I guess Kylo can make the lighter saber stop going through the ground like butter to prop himself up. He did stop a blaster bolt, but that shit was highly impractical.