Irish People Try American Wine

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 25, 2019
  • Irish people try some Californian wines! MERCH MADNESS:
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    Wine, wine, wine! American Wine! Californian Wine even more specifically! We went out and got a variety of American wines for our lovely Irish people to try out today and see what they had to say about them!

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  • SweetD x3

    SweetD x3

     10 hours ago +1

    Why did you give them cheap ass, garbage wine???

  • Coach Jossy

    Coach Jossy

     12 hours ago

    Now try reputable American wines! 🙄🤣

  • Christopher Miller

    Christopher Miller

     22 hours ago

    Washington wines are way, way better.

  • Big Jay

    Big Jay

     2 days ago

    That's why they have a LITTLE taste before pouring a whole glass.

  • Ryan Bagby

    Ryan Bagby

     3 days ago

    You guys should try Boones hill "wines"

  • Prophet of Greyism

    Prophet of Greyism

     3 days ago

    Call me a snob, but if it has a twist off top, it’s not fucking wine.

    Also... many of you are pouring the wine wrong 😭

    And such garbage wine... that’s Wal-mart, Dollar General, gas station wine. You’re drinking a mix of wines equivalent of American lite beer 😤🤮

    And get a real Sauvignon 😉🙄

    Reds and Darks are my personal favorites. White and Rosé give me headaches and make me sick 🤢

  • judy churley

    judy churley

     4 days ago

    Zinfandel IS a grape

  • Robert Renner

    Robert Renner

     4 days ago

    Cheap wines for a cheap country with winers

  • civil me timbers

    civil me timbers

     5 days ago

    Okay the long hair guy and his tanned skinned Lassie so need to be together I say. It's kismet. Even I can see it lad.

  • Gabriel D

    Gabriel D

     6 days ago +2

    "Who likes red wine?!" People with TASTE. I cannot stand white wine, red wine for the win for me

  • Gregory Todd Smith

    Gregory Todd Smith

     7 days ago

    Wherever you go in the world you'll find an Irish Pub!! 🎵🎶 The Irish have spread their magic around the World. Cheers from Wyoming.
    You made it here too!!

  • 1rkhachatryan


     7 days ago

    This video should just be called Dr. Sarina laughing at Iris Jesus for 7 minutes lol.

  • Daddy Nunya

    Daddy Nunya

     7 days ago

    If your American wine has a screw top, you could probably pick it up at a gas station for $3 a liter. I'm surprised the didn't throw the old Thunderbird and MD 20/20 in there.

  • Xendojo


     7 days ago

    lol these are all horrible wines! Like literally all available at walmart! Just so you know Try people, this was all bottom shelf.

  • BeerGood


     7 days ago

    Nicole is a Goddess

  • FBN Flavius Broadcasting Network

    FBN Flavius Broadcasting Network

     7 days ago

    “It was really fruity!”
    Ah, No. what you were tasting was all the damn sugar in it. Real vino is all alcohol baby, and it leaves a grape or apple taste in your mouth going down your throat. Real wine will carbonate a little and the look would be darker, depending on what it was made of.
    For cheap crap like what ye are drunking all yer tasting is sugar and additives. Mixed in with alcoholic wine. That’s why it’s so damn cheap. Go with Better wine next time, and like the wood elves, it’ll put ya right to sleep.

  • John Holzhey

    John Holzhey

     14 days ago

    Too bad they weren't trying "Good" American wine. Nine were more than $10.00. Who was the idiot that chose these wines? Does he hate these poor people that much?

  • Lindsey Nicole

    Lindsey Nicole

     14 days ago

    California wine? Missouri wines can go toe to toe any day. St. James wines are glorious.

  • Frank Parker

    Frank Parker

     14 days ago

    I love wine... From Sicily, Verona, and Spain. I like wine... From Australia, France, and USA. I will drink wine... From anywhere else but it doesn't mean I will enjoy it.

  • Hilda Alvarez-Strang

    Hilda Alvarez-Strang

     14 days ago

    1) You picked the cheapest crappiest American wines on the market 2) White Zinfandel wine is NOT the same as Rosé wine 3) Someone needs to explain to Nicole that Zinfandel IS in fact a grape. There is White Zinfandel wine, which is usually cheap and not great, and there is Red Zinfandel wine which is significantly better.