THE SWEATY HOUR REMASTERED! - Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Fun w/ Nogla & Moo! (Beach Bog)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 1, 2017
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    No one reads this far into the description...what are you doing snooping around...
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  • c1 dtl

    c1 dtl

     4 months ago

    Their teammates were getting feeds and frenzies man holy crap

  • Ri Gre

    Ri Gre

     4 months ago

    On all shooting games, you should name yourself pigman

  • Mckiller Gaming

    Mckiller Gaming

     4 months ago

    Anyone in here in 2019 because they're waiting for the new call of duty

  • Musa Abdullah

    Musa Abdullah

     5 months ago

    wildcat 2017:
    eat a dick kids

  • Ismael Soto

    Ismael Soto

     5 months ago

    Happy anniversary

  • Malachi Johnson

    Malachi Johnson

     5 months ago

    Y’all suck

  • WofulTomcat


     5 months ago +5

    I AM WILDCAT: where are my bullets going
    I AM WILDCAT's sight:

  • Yakult


     6 months ago

    0:32 it’s funny cause I got this game for free. I love ps plus

  • IScreaMaN


     8 months ago

    Before forkknife made him his bitch slave to the game

  • Dinka


     8 months ago

    The ak with double tap is disgusting on bog

  • Dr. zombee

    Dr. zombee

     8 months ago


  • Jas C.

    Jas C.

     9 months ago

    Would have loved to play with you guys (Even though I suck Royally!!)

  • Mitch Blackmore

    Mitch Blackmore

     9 months ago

    This video was hilarious, but it was also the example of why I never play objective based game modes any more. Too many fuck weenies running around try to pad their k/d.

  • roberto vazquez

    roberto vazquez

     9 months ago

    he should do CSGO sweaty hour

  • Ethan Ellis

    Ethan Ellis

     10 months ago

    I remember one time Basically went 6:81

  • Ckv Jm

    Ckv Jm

     10 months ago

    18:55 am i the only person who doesn’t see the stungrenade

  • MrJas de Los Molotov

    MrJas de Los Molotov

     10 months ago


  • Joey Mullins

    Joey Mullins

     11 months ago

    wildcat: spams grenades

    Also Wildcat: (4:01) FUCKING GRENADES DUDE!

    Totally a hippocrit

  • ABen 17 Clown

    ABen 17 Clown

     11 months ago

    NOGLA is great at COD

  • Thermal Hen

    Thermal Hen

     a years ago