Dance Moms The Girls Top Meltdowns

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 14, 2017
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  • Christine Green

    Christine Green

     2 hours ago

    Imagine if there what is a such thing as dance dad

  • Kookie's Cream

    Kookie's Cream

     3 hours ago

    If i was one of the girls i would kill geez why didnt they close the show in the first place its child abuse

  • Jasper Fields

    Jasper Fields

     5 hours ago

    I never knew Peyton was that old

  • Kerry Sui

    Kerry Sui

     10 hours ago

    How about I hurt you 😂😂 no one says that

  • Reegan Lee

    Reegan Lee

     10 hours ago

    who else thinks it’s funny that kendel had the most meltdowns

  • Emi Book

    Emi Book

     15 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that this show is shouldn't be put through all THIS

  • tyjo_is_ _sicc

    tyjo_is_ _sicc

     16 hours ago

    meltdowns and panic attacks aren't really the same thing- most of these 'meltdowns' were actually panic attacks. js.
    Kendall clearly has an anxiety disorder, and Abby stimulates it
    also Jill is so irritating, I literally cannot with that woman.

  • Jade And Hannah Gacha

    Jade And Hannah Gacha


    The way they disrespect the girls, MY GOD it’s so frustrating

  • Shakira Magnussen

    Shakira Magnussen


    The anxiety Maddy has is so upsetting, seeing her bang on her chest is upsetting

  • Aayah Taqi

    Aayah Taqi


    Abby is so harsh on them God help them

  • Celine Terra

    Celine Terra


    “Your 16 years old crying like a baby” and I’m 22 and cry all the time 😂

  • Drama_queen DUH

    Drama_queen DUH

     yesterday +1

    Poor kendall her Anxiety is pushing her :<

  • Emma Rose

    Emma Rose


    I can’t stand Jill. She makes everything worse for Kendall

  • Sam Ryan

    Sam Ryan


    Cut to every episode-

  • Kiarah TikTok tower Kereke

    Kiarah TikTok tower Kereke


    Ok boomer that’s um ok

  • Annemary McDonagh

    Annemary McDonagh


    Imagine being that young and having to go through so much stress

  • Denisa Čelovská

    Denisa Čelovská


    whats the song in the intro

  • Presley Jackson

    Presley Jackson


    Notice most melt downs we're Kendall's

  • Shelbie Germany

    Shelbie Germany


    Happy Holidays

  • Lily Robertson

    Lily Robertson

     2 days ago

    those kids should’ve never been made to believe they didn’t have the right to feel how they felt.