i let steezo secretly play on my account in a HILARIOUS 1v1 wager vs. Mike Korzemba

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 16, 2019
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  • Jamal Huntley

    Jamal Huntley

     2 days ago

    Why these cheesin youtubers so emotional 😭😭😂

  • Best Source Of Unfinished Let's Plays

    Best Source Of Unfinished Let's Plays

     3 days ago

    “I’m sick of you guys laughing” -cry baby



     3 days ago

    I Tho When You Start A Mycourt Game It’s Automatically On Park Difficulties

  • The next Great

    The next Great

     4 days ago +1


  • The next Great

    The next Great

     4 days ago


  • The next Great

    The next Great

     4 days ago


  • Frozone


     6 days ago

    I feel like mike can shit on agent in a real 1 on 1

  • King Judea

    King Judea

     7 days ago

    Video sponsored by steezo

  • King James

    King James

     7 days ago

    Korzemba sound like a little bitch

  • QayloGotBoard


     7 days ago

    bro this is the best video of 2K19 someone tell me i’m wrong

  • ThatBoiDre


     7 days ago

    Mike Korzemba is such a bitch

  • thirsty on da main

    thirsty on da main

     7 days ago +2

    Mike: is laying on the ground on another planet
    Also Mike: “There’s no contest!”

  • J.I


     7 days ago

    Mike is such a baby

  • aids-j


     7 days ago

    korzemba sounds like a fucking bitch bro, i fucking hate people like that. if you lose, you lose. he forgot that he was playing in the same ass difficulty so the "theres no contest" wouldve applied to him aswell if he was any fucking good at all.

  • Joseph Jordan

    Joseph Jordan

     7 days ago

    The Street Vol. 3 takeover music took me out 🤣

  • Joseph Jordan

    Joseph Jordan

     7 days ago

    Had to unsub from Korzemba after this video

  • Aubrey Foster

    Aubrey Foster

     7 days ago

    Steezo was making this man cry

  • Yiti Gang

    Yiti Gang

     7 days ago

    you got what you wanted

  • iGotTheMush


     7 days ago +3

    Who came after agents newest video?

  • Danny Onorato

    Danny Onorato

     7 days ago

    The funniest vid