If WWE Was REALLY Being Honest About Seth Rollins

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 5, 2019
  • Watch part 1 here - https://www.faceclips.net/video/G3ZmMGMYmO0/video.html

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  • Liberty Bell1776

    Liberty Bell1776

     1 months ago

    Separate Seth and Becky on camera and hand the torch to lynch, but they would have to convince Becky to bury him.

  • Issa Sabhari

    Issa Sabhari

     1 months ago

    The mess he’s a funny mood and this guy I don’t know what to do I’m gonna miss the move I’m gonna miss he change but don’t change your hardness I’m not gonna miss you as I was Missy challenge yourself don’t challenge is there a man And your dumbass the best the men’s

  • SimonStudios


     1 months ago +1

    Seth Rollins is a suffering succotash.

  • Phantom Is dead

    Phantom Is dead

     1 months ago

    The only way to give Seth the proper charisma he so desperately needs, is a heel turn.

  • Lance Uppercut

    Lance Uppercut

     1 months ago

    Seth Rollins is never cool.

  • Quiggles


     1 months ago

    Seth Rollins title reign wasn’t his fault. I dare any of you to draw as champion when having to work with Corbin at the main event. Hell, it’s not even Corbins fault either. It’s whoever put him in that role and expected him to draw, and then blamed it on Rollins

  • N1ghtT3rr0r_23


     1 months ago

    Aleister Black, Strowman, and honestly Wyatt would all be good top faces. They can all get over but need an actual push. Also, Cesaro needs something. Such a wasted talent.

    OR setup a Rollins turn with Shane and his crew. Have Drew break off later and take our Rollins. Push Drew to the Babyface.

  • An'Tjuan Darrisaw

    An'Tjuan Darrisaw

     1 months ago

    Heel Rollins...💯

  • Kristopher Williams

    Kristopher Williams

     1 months ago

    To me the biggest problem with wrestlers like Seth Rollins and the like today is the lack of over the top characters. And because this is wrestling I don't mean over the top in a bad way. Look at a guy like R Truth for instance. No matter what stupid segment they put him in or stupid title they give him, he's always over. Why? Because R Truth is a character. He's also very funny just in general but WWE fans like R Truth the character. Here's proof, if I say describe who R Truth is as a character it's easy. He's a rapper. He's kinda silly and cracks jokes. Very concrete. Now describe Seth Rollins character....who is he? Well he's a guy who calls himself an architect and wants to burn things down a lot. You see there's no character there. Who's the Undertaker? This has changed over the years but most commonly he's an undead gravedigger with seemingly supernatural powers. As silly as that sounds, it puts a picture in your head. Now, who is Roman Reigns? Well he's Samaoan and wears a tactical vest and they call him The Big Dog a lot....see again no interesting character. He's just a guy.

    Look I know we live in an era of wrestling where antiquated gimmicks like the Undertaker's seem old fashioned but to me they are what makes it work. Even before he was The Game HHH was Hunter Herst Helmsley, a blue blood with a distain for the classless opponents he faced. Bring the characters back. Bray Wyatt seems to get it with his latest ginmick. Stop churning out characterless wrestlers. It's just boring.

  • Sirenz80


     1 months ago

    Make him an arrogant heel that talks shit. He doesn't come across as a babyface or as a friendly guy

  • Super Obvious

    Super Obvious

     1 months ago

    Your definitely not wrong about anything you said. Your my fav.. besides SImon 🤓👍

  • Jenny Dutillieux

    Jenny Dutillieux

     1 months ago


  • Peter de Zeeuw

    Peter de Zeeuw

     1 months ago

    Well said, Jules. Great article.

  • Srimanta Ghatak

    Srimanta Ghatak

     1 months ago

    I feel sad for Seth Rollins he's my favourite in the current era... 😞☹️

  • Cass2kX1


     1 months ago

    When was the last time Vince had a good idea?

  • N L

    N L

     1 months ago

    Here's a thought... Maybe Seth is coming up with some of this shit? Nobody else has cringy lines like this. Joe's great on the mic, Owens is great and Becky has improved a lot. Why is it only Seth that sounds like shit?

  • Greg D

    Greg D

     1 months ago

    Seth, your a hack of a wrestler, not even good enough to be on a G1 Climax, let alone main event a WWE pay-per-view.

  • Toki Wartooth

    Toki Wartooth

     1 months ago +1

    He's glorified Kanyon

  • Alexander Bruegl

    Alexander Bruegl

     1 months ago

    Gawddamnit Jules, do more for Whatculture Wrestling!

  • Troy Kennedy

    Troy Kennedy

     1 months ago

    Just be honest you guys don’t like him because he stood up for himself on the internet against smarks 😂