Road to the Games Ep. 18.06: The Champs

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • Video byHeber Cannon, Mariah Moore, and Marston Sawyers.

    Tia-Clair Toomey is the reigning Fittest Woman on Earth. Katrin Davidsdottir has two CrossFit Games championships under her belt. Both women are fierce, determined and fitter than ever.

    In this episode of “Road to the Games,” we follow Toomey and Davidsdottir as they prepare to take on the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games, which are less than a week away. Both women have been training at the very edge of capacity in hopes of being crowned the Fittest on Earth on Sunday, Aug. 5.

    “I want to be as fit as I can, and I want to be as strong as I can,” Toomey says. “In order to do that, I need to test my boundaries.”

    Toomey is doing just that while training in Cookeville, Tennessee, under the watchful eye of husband and coach Shane Orr.

    Meanwhile, in Boston, Massachusetts, Davidsdottir is tackling the famous Blue Hills with coach Ben Bergeron and a handful of Games athletes including Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Brooke Wells.

    “Whenever something is really, really, really, really hard, in like a lactic, sprint kinda way, that’s when I’m like, ‘Ooo, that was almost like Blue Hills,’” Davidsdottir says of the workout.

    Toomey and Davidsdottir will battle each other and the rest of the field Aug. 1-5 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

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  • Nai-son `

    Nai-son `

     22 days ago

    17:17 she is Hot
    23:37 man that is a nice small lake. So clean

  • carbmonsters


     1 months ago

    I love Tia-Clair

  • Lem Egipto

    Lem Egipto

     1 months ago

    Gotta have Horvath on one of these next year.

  • Max Cardamon

    Max Cardamon

     1 months ago

    Do you ever watch these videos and go "man I really want to try to go to regionals" and then you do fran and die

  • mobile gamer

    mobile gamer

     2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me where this sick bgm is from?? Thanks

  • Master Blaze

    Master Blaze

     2 months ago

    seems there is a mild steroid problem.

  • mzaprilmae


     2 months ago

    In regards to Katrin, I don't think it's a mistake that they took it a little bit easier. She went through neck surgery! I mean c'mon.... you can't always win, but the fact that she was such a competitor should not be overlooked.

  • Ian Kirby

    Ian Kirby

     2 months ago

    Wanted to watch, audio mixing is garbo. Can’t hear dialogue, music is cracking my eardrums.

  • Vitor Rodrigues

    Vitor Rodrigues

     2 months ago

    tia is my heroine!!!

  • Vitor Rodrigues

    Vitor Rodrigues

     2 months ago

    tia is the best ever!!!!

  • Michael Campos

    Michael Campos

     2 months ago +1

    The I Want vs. The I CAN mentality... What you speak with conviction shows itself when the time comes. 2018 games proved that with Tia on top again.

  • Luiz Guilherme

    Luiz Guilherme

     2 months ago

    What is the smartwatch he’s?

  • Marko Paquetty

    Marko Paquetty

     2 months ago

    steroids games !!

  • Ryan Sloss

    Ryan Sloss

     2 months ago

    These videos are so well done!



     2 months ago

    Is it just me or was this episode not that interesting?

  • Elizabeth Champion

    Elizabeth Champion

     3 months ago +1

    Song at beginning and 36:00?

  • pgmorse


     3 months ago

    Thanks (for all of these). This one was awesome!

  • baxu912


     3 months ago

    Ben Bergeron only training women :D

  • Yohan Columna

    Yohan Columna

     3 months ago

    I am completely new to this show. I am just wondering if steroids are allowed in this competition?

  • ringtoolDRIVER


     3 months ago

    "Heber, what are we?" - the anxious "I don't know" is one of my favourite parts :D
    As always, great work! I adore the way you cut and use sounds and music!!! (e.g. from 0:23 the cuts with the sirene)