Trump Wages War on Windmills | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Donald Trump continues his decade-long vendetta against windmills, citing shaky scientific reasoning and aesthetic concerns.

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  • Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jackson

     5 days ago


  • harshdeep singh

    harshdeep singh

     6 days ago

    Tbh I think for the first time trump knows what he’s talking about 😂

  • Gezahegn Demas

    Gezahegn Demas

     7 days ago

    "i know a lot about Wind .." yeah of course u knew it as it always blews your terrible hair

  • JP Later

    JP Later

     14 days ago

    Don Quichote was funnier...

  • dfskdf


     21 days ago

    There was once an oompa loompa with a dream. He was tired of living in the factory, tired of living the small life. He wanted to be "uge". In order to live his dream he started taking growth hormones and got a toupee to cover his green hair. He became so "bigly" that he was elected for President of the United States.

    THAT is a Trump origin story!

  • Ginna Bee

    Ginna Bee

     21 days ago +1

    Sry this is for myself

  • Paul TheSkeptic

    Paul TheSkeptic

     a months ago

    Origin story? Don't you mean origes story?

  • Ape Of Naples

    Ape Of Naples

     a months ago

    and the brainwashed laughing...

  • Landon Letterman

    Landon Letterman

     a months ago

    I think the mental degeneration of Donald Trump can be tracked back to the moment he thought that posting videos on his own YouTube channel (which would be deleted before running for president) was a good idea.

  • Mikael Jensen

    Mikael Jensen

     a months ago +1

    Birds are not stupid. Birds have eyes and wings...They dont fly into windmills at all.

  • Mikael Jensen

    Mikael Jensen

     a months ago +1

    A Danish MP has a deal for Trump. She just want him to grab..... (2 min clip)

  • Marc Brown

    Marc Brown

     a months ago

    He does know a lot about wind. It gets in his hair all the time.

  • bela katootz

    bela katootz

     a months ago

    trump is such an asshole

  • CorporateRaider97


     a months ago

    After watching this video I'm inclined to think this idiot of a president's IQ is well below 0

  • Samuel Shao

    Samuel Shao

     a months ago

    More birds were probably hurt by his private jet than all wind mills. And since when has he every cared about animals cause coal and oil polution kill way more



     a months ago

    How are so many people this stupid?

  • hellhound713


     a months ago +1

    Cats kill more birds then wind turbines.
    If the wind is not blowing we can just have trump talk to the turbines. He is full of hot air.

  • Danika Chen

    Danika Chen

     a months ago

    I’m a kid and even I know more about how windmills work smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • -The dog- Brian Griffin

    -The dog- Brian Griffin

     a months ago

    This guy speech made me talk to myself. Like how da fuck can someone be this stupid? And a president ? 🤮

  • Galaxy 4476

    Galaxy 4476

     a months ago

    We should make a horror movie called “The Windmill”