Kai Shappley: A Trans Girl Growing Up In Texas | Webby Award & People's Choice Award Winner | them.

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • An intimate portrait of Kimberly and Kai Shappley: a mother has to confront her religious community while her 7-year-old transgender daughter navigates life at school, where she’s been banned from the girls’ bathroom. Webby Award & People's Choice Award WinnerDirected by Daresha Kyi. Produced by the ACLU & Little By Little Films, with an LGBTQ-led team.For more visit:https://www.aclu.org/issues/lgbt-righ...Kai Shappley: A Trans Girl Growing Up In Texas | them.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/cuIkLNsRtas


  • pdx princess

    pdx princess

     9 months ago +7646

    Her vocabulary is so good for someone so young

  • Needle-juice


     14 days ago +1010

    "I'm gonna raise thousands of cats"
    you and me both sister



     21 days ago +1488

    "when my mom started letting me be a girl, it was more than amazing, it was gorgeous. It was the best thing happened to me so far in my life."

  • Saori


     14 days ago +504

    She's like six why does it matter if shes using the girls bathroom!! She's not a danger she's a CHILD. And very clearly a GIRL. It's a danger for her to go to the boys bathroom, that's not where she belongs. And she's so precious.pretty and kind. Her soul just resonates with me so strongly

  • ArwenAmidalaGrey


     21 days ago +469

    I could get behind this as a Catwoman origin story.

  • ツnaanibread


     5 months ago +8142

    ive never heard anyone shade donald trump so politely

  • Marshmallow Queenie

    Marshmallow Queenie

     14 days ago +385

    I wouldn’t think she was born a boy if nothing was said honestly

  • tashgyrl


     28 days ago +940

    When the mom says, “I’m sorry for every time I took a bible verse out of context. I was a hateful reflection of a loving God.” MAN OH MAN!! What a way to learn that lesson.
    God will humble you in ways you could never imagine. You can be human and take your human thoughts and try to make the Bible fit those thoughts. Try if you might. The fact of the matter is the Bible’s main message is of an undying love, agape, for ALL!!

  • kk m

    kk m

     7 days ago +117

    the fact that someone can watch this and think that that little girl is sinful appalls me. what an amazing girl with such a bright outlook on the world.

  • Little Havana Hayley

    Little Havana Hayley

     2 days ago +14

    She’s literally the sweetest child I’ve ever seen. So kind and caring, smart. the poor girl is going through so much. Love and prayers ❤️

  • pansexual trash

    pansexual trash

     3 months ago +2318

    Ok 2 things
    1: She passes really really well
    2: How the heck is she so cute?!?! I'm pretty sure I looked like a crusty gummy bear at her age

  • A


     28 days ago +721

    What does it matter in 2019 what anyone looks like, wears, acts like. It is nobody’s business - just let people be. How can people be horrid to a child.

  • marsha rose

    marsha rose

     21 days ago +179

    My goodness, this child is so articulate, self aware and bright. People, just let people live .

  • Danidrea A

    Danidrea A

     21 days ago +551

    My daughter had a classmate in her 3rd grade class who was transgender.. After asking how her day went, my baby girl told me there was a kid in her class who was playing alone and was sad.. sad that no one wanted to play with her and said mean things to her for being weird and dressing like a girl.. My baby girl told the transgender girl that God loves her, that she is beautiful in her own way inside and out and that she will be her friend.❤️ She also makes it a point to be friends with handicap children and even say kind words to the homeless.. Proud mom to know that my child is wise enough to not judge others and to love as God does no matter the person. We all need to instill this in our children that we don’t have to agree with what everyone does, but we should still love them and never judge or bully others for their differences.

  • MaruBaru


     21 days ago +252

    when the mom said she was praying to die, my heart shattered

  • Tiah Sykes

    Tiah Sykes

     2 months ago +3713

    I cried when she was talking about her 4 year old praying to die ...

  • Cheryl Ann

    Cheryl Ann

     28 days ago +339

    I would relocate and introduce her as a girl to the new community and school.

  • K mania

    K mania

     21 days ago +222

    Not only did the mom change the way she raised her daughter, but her daughter also changed the way her mother was. And all for the better. She was lucky to be blessed with such a smart kid and to grow out of ignorance. So beautiful I cried omg 💕

  • Ramen Time

    Ramen Time

     2 days ago +29

    She is wise beyond her years. Very well articulated for her age, I know 25 year olds that do not speak as well as this little girl.

  • Josette Taylor

    Josette Taylor

     28 days ago +385

    As the mother of a transgender son, I can tell you that everything in this is 110%. Remember: Jesus’ #1 commandment is LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Bless this child