Is This For Your Butt Or Your Face? (GAME)

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 6, 2018
  • Is this mystery scrub an exfoliant for your face or a firming agent for your butt? We try and solve these questions from a variety of non-labeled products! GMM #1312.1
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  • Dekaraka


     11 minutes ago

    13:27 I died

  • Jaydyn Xbl

    Jaydyn Xbl

     2 hours ago

    booty face, booty face, booty face,- Link 2018. Rhett face

  • Multifandom39



    I couldn’t stop laughing lmaoo

  • *NoLan dOlaN*

    *NoLan dOlaN*

     2 days ago

    *b o o t y f a c e b o o t y f a c e*

  • Willow is a Knight

    Willow is a Knight

     2 days ago

    I love how link whispers "it's a pinky sheeth"

  • Mr.Freast


     4 days ago +1

    at 3:20 and at 5:30 just look

  • Nathan Chung

    Nathan Chung

     5 days ago

    "That's perfect placement," Link says as maintains eye contact with Rhett.

  • Lhokw te S'eliya

    Lhokw te S'eliya

     6 days ago

    Swamp booty hahaha yes

  • MJ Boyum

    MJ Boyum

     6 days ago


  • Saara Huttunen

    Saara Huttunen

     7 days ago

    so no one is saying anything about those butt lifting pant things?

  • Butter


     7 days ago

    "only one way to find out"
    //rhet gets up and it cuts to an add//

  • Marissa Scott

    Marissa Scott

     7 days ago

    Ahhh any competition dancer knows the body glue is to make sure your costume bottoms don’t ride up which is why my studio called it butt glue
    Edit: I commented before Stevie explained

  • Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy

     8 days ago

    Hahahahaha I've never laughed so hard at an intro in my entire life!! Hahahaha

  • Artimus Protensor

    Artimus Protensor

     9 days ago

    I think some women use the adhesive on their cleavage too. Judging by certain types of dress that look like they should fall off.

  • Hailey Traweek

    Hailey Traweek

     9 days ago

    The Brazilian "bum bum" cream actually is like a hand lotion not for your face but definitely not a booty enhancer ...

  • Dominic castaneda

    Dominic castaneda

     10 days ago


  • Nancy Ayotte

    Nancy Ayotte

     11 days ago

    that thing that looks like a toothbrush with that little rubber tip it's for your face. it's used to stimulate your gums!

  • Suhayb Hatahet

    Suhayb Hatahet

     11 days ago

    I love how link just puts everything on his face.

  • Andrea Huebert

    Andrea Huebert

     11 days ago

    Link looks like there is crap on his face

  • tired-idiot


     11 days ago

    "looks like a powder. can i have some?" *tries to snort it instantly*