Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 18, 2018
  • swole n' healthy

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  • Martin Crossan

    Martin Crossan

     an hour ago

    In the end she proceeds to play the hiphop music...

  • Abby Roble

    Abby Roble

     2 hours ago +1

    1:33 LOLZ put the captions on

  • Eggert Þór Eggertsson

    Eggert Þór Eggertsson

     3 hours ago

    How about steroids

  • sagi7860


     6 hours ago

    "Fitness and Health"

    Me: " slurps on ramen"

  • Annie Brick

    Annie Brick

     8 hours ago

    I had a eating disorder for like a day and was like screw it I need food

  • Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens

     15 hours ago

    What animation app do u use. (Because it's so good) 😊

  • briankulbaba


     20 hours ago

    2019 December ? 🍪🥛

  • Max_Max_Max_ 419

    Max_Max_Max_ 419

     20 hours ago

    1:29 is the funniest part

  • Queen O' Turtles

    Queen O' Turtles

     20 hours ago

    2:13 I love this voice she did, it's just so frickin perfect

  • Spacewolf777


     20 hours ago

    I'm also going through the fear of food, I go 4 days no food, only water

  • Brielle Peace

    Brielle Peace

     22 hours ago

    Body : Man, I feel great!
    I could totally run a marathon and write an essay right now!
    I'm so energized and my brain is so clear!
    Thanks for feeding me literally o n e g r a p e

  • el grason

    el grason


    5:56 quality time

  • Rommy Playz

    Rommy Playz


    Sugar and fat is important

  • Jeremy Browne

    Jeremy Browne


    Hmmmmmmmmm NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

  • Max-Kermit



    After she said "they don't know I exist" and made that little sound with the face her cartoon self made it was the most adorably sad thing I've ever heard

  • Gacha Sylveon

    Gacha Sylveon


    I remember getting really sick so when I ate food I would throw up so I was like NOPE- to food.

  • Isabella Mendoza

    Isabella Mendoza


    Jaden:or your end up like this
    Shows picture of the odd1sout eating too much sprinkles

  • dsrtpixie



    Britney is screwed

  • Lenny thill

    Lenny thill



  • AllegraAndJenny Channel

    AllegraAndJenny Channel

     2 days ago

    The only way to exercise is play just dance