Struggling Owner Laughs at Being Over $1 Million in Debt | Hotel Hell

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 6, 2017
  • The owner thinks he's Sherlock Holmes, but Gordon thinks he's mad.Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels:
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  • sinnabum

     1 years ago

    when u playin sherlock but u cant even solve the mystery of why ur hotel sucks when it’s in plain sight

  • Ana Luisa



  • Jaden Baynard

     2 days ago


  • RevolutionRobbie

     6 months ago

    Wife: I basically want to die. My life is hell. I hate everything.Husband: * wheezes *

  • Fancy Bear

     3 days ago

    RevolutionRobbie me

  • 류신

     22 days ago

    i feel like she's wanda from oddly odd parents

  • KnifeySpoony

     10 months ago

    Wife: "I'm sick of you pretending you're a detective I wanna split up"Owner: "Good idea we can cover more ground that way"

  • Kurtis Oxley


    LOL nice one, actually made me snort my pepsi

  • nick

     4 days ago

    KnifeySpoony OMFG IM DYING 😂😂😂

  • Blake S

     10 months ago

    Made $200 on Sherlock Holmes night.Good, now they are only $1,099,800.00 in debt.

  • Goal to 10 subs -_-


    They would need 13.6986 years to pay all their debt

  • Arvin Pascual Genido

     2 days ago

    Dude how much they spent for the setups tho

  • Conjon Silver

     8 months ago

    "Talk to the hand" I havent heard that since I was 10 years old

  • Christina Tijani

     3 days ago


  • Cassandra Dominguez

     10 days ago

    Even dorkier, he said "just talk to *my* hand" lololol somehow that makes it even funnier xp

  • Blake S

     10 months ago

    We bought it for 700,000. We owe 1.1 million.We live in the attic.No wonder they pretend to be Sherlock Holmes to escape reality. Jesus.

  • Michael K

     21 days ago

    When they told Gordon that they live in the attic, I'm sure the first thought in his head must have been "Doesn't surprise me."

  • Adam Honesty and decency

     8 months ago

    Blake S Lmao

  • Myotic Tesseract

     10 months ago

    “John, I want a divorce.”“...Divorce, hehehehehe!”

  • Fla7 -face

     2 days ago this is the video if anyone wants it

  • • nighty moon •

     3 days ago

    It's been so many years and yet i still have no idea what that clusterfuck of a video was about

  • donald parker

     8 months ago

    There is a woman ripe for an affair

  • Joey Cervantes


    @Always Here just imagine that man on top of you and tell me you wouldn't be looking else where. Ill wait

  • Always Here

     7 days ago

    To be honest I really wouldn't blame her if she did cheat on him. He's a complete failure

  • MrPugz

     4 months ago

    Did he just criticize Gordon for not practicing his own voice

  • Chris Day

     23 hours ago

    bruh he's kidding

  • Rakvalen Sypher


    @Sandra Garcia who fucking gives a shit, his chest hurted!

  • JXTScout6

     6 months ago

    An American guy says, "My British accent is better than Gordon Ramsey's" when Gordon's from the UK and this man sounds like a cartoon villain from the 50s

  • Germania

     3 days ago

    He was joking. It wasn't funny but he definitely wasn't being serious, either.