Vibe Awards 2003 R Kelly performance

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 17, 2016
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  • Skky Zone10

    Skky Zone10

     14 days ago


  • michelle williams

    michelle williams

     14 days ago

    Nov 2019

  • Tina j W

    Tina j W

     a months ago

    Honey stepping will get you together ❤

  • Mae Jones

    Mae Jones

     a months ago

    pray he will be alright. still like his style💝

  • IrishSoul4 kelly

    IrishSoul4 kelly

     a months ago

    Beautiful Kelz nobody does it like you💃

  • Previn Ellis

    Previn Ellis

     a months ago

    Love his outfit - Clean!!

  • Michelle Dorest

    Michelle Dorest

     a months ago

    I think his sister messed him up, he should have gotten help aloooong time ago.
    He knew better as an adult but what about the parents he was paying and then when the checks stopped. They allowed this to happen. Parents are suppose to teach, provide and protect their kids not make a profit off them. Charges need to be brought up in the parents as well.

  • Vickie Cooley

    Vickie Cooley

     a months ago

    I hope he get help such a talent person I still listen to his music he's the GREATEST I LOVE MY SELF SOME KELLY

  • The Bosslady Angi

    The Bosslady Angi

     a months ago

    Breaks my heart that the incarceration prevents him from doing what he does best, He is still the King of RnB straight up

  • Paranihia Frances Webster

    Paranihia Frances Webster

     a months ago

    Agree Yvette plus who are we to judge theres only one judge GOD and he loves you Kelly..

  • Nancy Strong

    Nancy Strong

     a months ago

    Still loves his music damw kells

  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

     a months ago

    Kellz sick but idc he’s still the god damn goat!!!

  • Sharon Powell

    Sharon Powell

     a months ago


  • Marilyn Munroe

    Marilyn Munroe

     a months ago

    #legend #freerkelly

  • Brenda Carter

    Brenda Carter

     a months ago

    I will always listen to music.

  • Tyrone Meads

    Tyrone Meads

     a months ago

    It ain't cool being a pervert. Leave weak minded people alone. It's rape if they mind can't handle the decision no matter the age emotional handicap isn't your pleasure

  • Holly Gilbert

    Holly Gilbert

     2 months ago

    talent all day

  • Janice Respres

    Janice Respres

     2 months ago


  • jacqueline robinson

    jacqueline robinson

     2 months ago

    I will always love this man and his music; he just needs help like all of us!

  • Portia Matthews

    Portia Matthews

     2 months ago +1

    Just like our people wen we need them they scatter like roaches wen the lights are turned on. Rkelly needs us to have his back and all the people that he did music with and for they ran like roaches. Keep prayn for u Kells