Vibe Awards 2003 R Kelly performance

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 17, 2016
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  • sandfaydontplay


     7 months ago +566

    That boy is bad.πŸ‘ I hate what he did but I love the hell out of his music. His ass can sang! 🀣

  • Ruthy in the house

    Ruthy in the house

     7 months ago +248

    Love his voice,I'm like whyyyyy Kelly!!!! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ Will continue to listen to his music and always keep him in my prayers well everyone in prayer..

  • Yvette Johnson

    Yvette Johnson

     7 months ago +189

    They can't take away his gift😘😘❀

  • Fred Kody

    Fred Kody

     9 months ago +246

    I really hope this guy knows we still here for his music.
    King of RnB without a doubt. Will always be a fan ✌

  • carley kelly

    carley kelly

     7 months ago +522

    R.Kelly is The King of R & B πŸ‘‘ 🎀🎢🎡🎢 2019

  • Caspers Best Friend

    Caspers Best Friend

     7 months ago +609

    I'm still not boycotting RKelly

  • Yvette Lewis

    Yvette Lewis

     7 months ago +218

    Still the king of R&B 🎢

  • MissPrincess3470


     7 months ago +378

    I'll NEVER stop listening to R Kelly πŸ–• ya πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜›

  • Vee Darko

    Vee Darko

     10 months ago +228

    Looking sharper than a tack in that white, R. Kelly. 😍

  • Christa


     a years ago +229

    Can't halp but luv R Kelly's singing. There will never be another voice like his

  • Sophia Davis

    Sophia Davis

     a years ago +203

    I love this man no MATTER WHAT. Go R Kelly!!!! This man can clear his throat and I will buy the album.

  • Legia King

    Legia King

     7 months ago +63

    R Kelly needs counseling. I don't believe some of that shit.. And I'm going to keep listening,and playing his music.

  • Mr Maxxx

    Mr Maxxx

     9 months ago +155

    R Kelly tore up the stage, phantom of the Opera, stepping

  • YaGirlification


     7 months ago +73

    Thank you Brotha R KELLY β™‘β™‘β™‘ 1/8/19

  • lorry beaks

    lorry beaks

     7 months ago +105

    Bring tears to the eyes praying for you Mr. Kelly

  • sherise richardson

    sherise richardson

     7 months ago +40

    I'm dismayed about all the talk about R. Kell. But I love him. His music cannot be denied.

  • Steve King

    Steve King

     7 months ago +15

    god forgives r.kelly

  • Frances Lowrance

    Frances Lowrance

     9 months ago +69

    This man

  • peppaboy9


     a years ago +316

    Da king of R&b to me the hell with you if you disagree

  • wonderful world

    wonderful world

     7 months ago +19

    You can't #muteRKelly hes just naturally gifted