Josh Bridges Will Not Quit (Ft. Rich Froning & Dave Castro, Kill Cliff American Spirit)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 8, 2019
  • Josh Bridges is more than an athlete. He's a warrior, someone who relentlessly tackles every challenge put before him. In partnership with Kill Cliff, we're proud to bring you an in-depth look at Navy SEAL and CrossFit Games legend Josh Bridges. Kill Cliff provided this American Spirit series video for BarBend to share in an exclusive release for our audience.

    Hard work isn't just a mindset for Bridges; it's been his way of life since childhood. It's what motivated him to join the military, and it's what got him through the rigorous training necessary to become a Navy SEAL.

    In this episode of Kill Cliff's American Spirit series, Bridges gives an intimate look inside his training and life history. The documentary also gets up close and personal with CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro, who was one of Bridges' instructors during his SEAL training.

    It also features 8-time CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning, one of Bridge's closest friends and rivals on the competition floor.

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  • TheEmporer SparesNoHoes

    TheEmporer SparesNoHoes

     a months ago +125

    Preworkout? Who needs Preworkout when you have this?!

  • Marcelo Simoes de Carvalho

    Marcelo Simoes de Carvalho

     2 days ago

    Nice film. Wich setup cameras did you use?

  • PsykoProduction


     2 days ago

    how the f*** does a human have that much energy? When I was in the military I would sleep every chance I get. I would not have made it otherwise ;)

  • Peter Alcazar

    Peter Alcazar

     3 days ago

    Song at 4:20 is called Abandon by ROARY

  • Mau Quiros

    Mau Quiros

     5 days ago +1

    Love Josh and the fact that we are able to watch some of his story, the only think I’d like to point out as a filmmaker, is, man, the saturation on this color grade is really distracting, people don’t look like people! People aren’t orange, your video would be even better if the grade wasn’t this saturated and skin tones were paid more attention to.

  • Ben Wu

    Ben Wu

     6 days ago

    always comes back to this video.

  • Mike Fox

    Mike Fox

     6 days ago

    A lot of Seals aren't real tall guys but that isn't how you're judged. Thank God they don't let silly stereotypes cut people out from the challenge. I knew guys who wanted to be State Troupers but they had a height limit. That really sucks and they missed out on some good people. Thank you for your service Josh.

  • citizenxgen


     7 days ago


  • Leonardo Reyes

    Leonardo Reyes

     7 days ago

    Is he half Mexican?

  • halifaxredemption


     7 days ago

    This guy is Wolverine.

  • John Harding

    John Harding

     14 days ago +3

    3:56 your welcome

  • Travis Allman

    Travis Allman

     14 days ago

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  • rustyshackelford18


     14 days ago +1

    This man is a freaking inspiration every single time.

  • Phil Lizardking

    Phil Lizardking

     14 days ago

    Yeah but Mat Fraser is still a warrior on the floor

  • Shadyfox


     14 days ago

    I fucking love this. 12.48 is so motivating. Thanks for showing the way

  • Almog Koren

    Almog Koren

     14 days ago

    Hands down, @JoshBridges is in my mind the most appreciated CrossFit athlete I know with what he’s been through during his military service, how he handles himself on a daily basis where you can see in his vlogs and how he’s mentoring his kids. Love it! Thank you for your service Josh



     21 days ago

    His 5'5 short guys can still kick ass.

  • JRL3


     21 days ago

    That's a good dude right there.



     21 days ago

    So awesome!

  • Cole eesy Breezy

    Cole eesy Breezy

     21 days ago

    I hear Ruslan’s song at 5:01