Google Pixel 2 vs 2 XL: Long Term Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 29, 2018
  • This is my 6-month longterm review of the Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL.

    Sorry for the long wait!

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  • Hunter Fairhall Kirkman

    Hunter Fairhall Kirkman

     5 days ago

    Pixel 4

  • Reu L

    Reu L

     6 days ago

    Please review Google pixel 2 xl in 2019, especially running with android 10 :)

  • Churro 224

    Churro 224

     4 months ago

    Glad to see that on my current pixel 2 XL, you're able to use the assistant from the lockscreen without unlocking 😁

  • R 945

    R 945

     6 months ago

    Elegant design

  • Lucky Seven

    Lucky Seven

     7 months ago +1

    I want Pixel 2 XL🙂🙂

    But I can only afford Huawei P20 Lite😔😔

  • Jiani Zhao

    Jiani Zhao

     8 months ago

    This thing( pixel 2 xl) is worst product ever!!! I will never buy any google product! I had pixel 2 for over one year, and my device had the issue with speaker that I couldn't hear anything from the phone, google sent me a refurbished one, and the problem still existed. Making a phone call is an issue with a cell phone, what do you need it for then? It seemed they don't have any way to solve the problem, and they won't refund you at all. At lease Apple has good return policy. My sincere advice, stay away from GOOGLE!

  • Abhishek Sehrawat

    Abhishek Sehrawat

     8 months ago

    Is it worth to buy in 2019?

  • 奔跑得酱油


     9 months ago


  • Mario McIntosh

    Mario McIntosh

     10 months ago

    Going to buy me a pixel 2 xl next week. I always get the phones when they are over a year prices today are ridiculous...

  • gokul bisht

    gokul bisht

     10 months ago

    Best review

  • خالد ابو السعود

    خالد ابو السعود

     10 months ago

    I watch this video in the Nexus 5x. 😂

  • DumleJäätelö


     10 months ago

    i dont like pixel 2 design at all but pixel 2 xl looks inredible

  • ini Budi

    ini Budi

     11 months ago

    08:57 incredible wow

  • rama krishna

    rama krishna

     11 months ago

    excellent review ...

  • iAMe100XP


     a years ago

    I have to get this... I can't do P3XL's notch...

  • Ahamed Haneef

    Ahamed Haneef

     a years ago

    Pixel 3 xl?????

  • David Semel

    David Semel

     a years ago

    I'm watching this on a Moto g4
    Thinking about getting this

  • Aditya Bagve

    Aditya Bagve

     a years ago +1

    Does the hardware slowdown? Is it a good buy now? its about $400 cheaper than pixel 3 in India. Essentially now i get Pixel 2XL in same price as One Plus 6T. While Pixel 3 is $400 more, so wondering if thats worth it. Will Night Sight mode work in Pixel 2?

  • Corner - Vlog

    Corner - Vlog

     a years ago +1


  • Myron FURTADO

    Myron FURTADO

     a years ago

    Really good video