Leah Remini on Finding Out About Xenu (from Joe Rogan Experience #908)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 15, 2017
  • Leah Remini talks about reaching OT III and having Scientology's origin story revealed to her.

    Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #908.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/dAfdPFWiF9U


  • Bizzare Meme Lord

    Bizzare Meme Lord

     6 hours ago

    Like someone wouldn't let her join their cult if she wanted to

  • Bippity Boppity Boop

    Bippity Boppity Boop

     9 hours ago

    "Do you know what I'm sayin"?

  • Elephant


     10 hours ago +1

    l.ron hubbard was actaully a black man. his real name was l. ron HOYABEMBE

  • m lei

    m lei

     14 hours ago

    Damn, is that face totally numb and paralyzed from botox or whatever?
    It is not only that dull, lifeless face, but she even has problems articulating with that numb upper lip...
    Give it a break...

  • RJ W

    RJ W

     17 hours ago

    I love her.

  • RYET 37

    RYET 37


    Wait until she hears that I'm on my 3rd prestige

  • Luis B

    Luis B


    I have been in the free winds many times everyone is crazy there.. even crew members..

  • Dave Canden

    Dave Canden


    Scientology sounds like a cool gig, count me in. Always wanted to do battle with the ghosts of intergalactic aliens and now I can!

  • Snake Plissken

    Snake Plissken


    I grew up in Clearwater Florida where the Scientologists are located, and everyone feared that cult. They have literally bought up the entire city, all the leadership, and if you try to stand up against the church...they will kill you.

  • kgd lfc

    kgd lfc


    I bet them church nutters want to strangle her if they get theee hands on her hahaha

  • jo snow

    jo snow


    Well, Human is not the dominate specie we carry around in these bodies of ours. There are more bacteria cells inside your gut than there are human cells in your whole body. It’s called the Microbiome.

  • Joe Simon

    Joe Simon

     yesterday +1

    I'm just glad she's out. I wish her a happy life never looking back.

  • Marshall Lee Morningstar

    Marshall Lee Morningstar


    damn Leah Remini was/is hot. MILF territory

  • Mr Rodriguez

    Mr Rodriguez

     2 days ago

    I still have the biggest crush on her😍

  • Tom Luongo

    Tom Luongo

     3 days ago

    Scientology is run by EA, theres always paywalls, microtransactions and everythings always unfinished.

  • Emilio Figueroa

    Emilio Figueroa

     3 days ago

    How do you expose Scientology. It’s absolutely absurd from the get-go. She did this for publicity.

  • Mfanawemkosi Fakudze

    Mfanawemkosi Fakudze

     4 days ago

    Scientology - totally whacked. Any questions?

  • Salty Life

    Salty Life

     4 days ago

    I am from Clearwater , Florida. I am a fisherman and i fish all around our Gulf including the pier at Coachman Park those lost Sea Orgs? (: WTF really ?.(: (: are enoying as hell we cant even concentrate to catch a dawm fish without them hovering around trying to get us to sell our souls to this Scam that some sci-fi Con wrote. I have a solution tough Build a big ship just like in their story line with all the bells and whistles thats going to come to Clearwater and save them one day ,pull up to the docks there load them all up Oh and call Tom Cruze from a mic too cant forget Tommy boy im sure he will be so happy hell do some Matrix move and fly there no worries def cant forget about him poor guy his been waiting so long his eyes are bruised(: also since he owns the penthouse at the headquarters there in return offcourse they Own his soul probably bankaccount and god knows what else (: lol and drift off to the open waters of Gulf of Mexico where most sea creatures you see make Great and ill tell ya Great shark bait. they will love it. (: and our Gulf has plenty hungary ones waiting for a nicely iniformed sea organism. Now thats how you make America Great Again.

  • ZO AR

    ZO AR

     5 days ago

    She's one beautiful lady 😍

  • G L

    G L

     5 days ago

    If I hear about this on a video will I also get cancer ? Fuck !