Gordon Ramsay IN SHOCK Over Old Food | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 13, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/dD_xvOLJDys


  • kremit

     9 months ago

    He’d be in _wayyyy_ too much shock if he went into my school’s cafeteria

  • Epixkid 112

     18 days ago

    TooOkuForYou was it Hunting season

  • Hamza Khaliq

     2 months ago

    The food in my high school was absolutely disgusting.

  • Realafah

     5 months ago

    Well I mean, she’s right. Just because he doesn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.I mean all the customers don’t mind-oh wait there are no customers.

  • Dana Karloz

     19 days ago

    Nightmare Raccoon I cook at home and reheat it in the oven. If I want microwaved I’ll purchase something specifically for the microwave

  • kool Mo cee

     28 days ago

    Its fuccin wrong

  • james warren

     8 months ago

    Ever since I started watching Gordon I eat out less and less all the time I find it my food I cook is way better than anything at a restaurant

  • Juan C Salinas

     13 days ago

    Youd honestly have better quality at gast food joints than restaurants.

  • Weirdo Wolf37

     18 days ago

    @Elliot Karlsson i can sue them but the question is will i even live to see the day? And if i could i thunk my stomach will have a considerable damage to it and i dont wanna waste money just for a possibility for a food poison tho good point u have there, just make sure its not a very big restaurant cause i heard people up there are messed up(not all, some)

  • villagebound61

     8 months ago

    All that chicken can feed the homeless..

  • the grammar nazi trainee

     11 days ago

    villagebound61 and all that *CHICKEN* can make them literally shit out some radioactive waist because of it.

  • Nostalgia King98YT

     1 months ago

    @Leo Garcia you're offensive leo garcia.


     5 months ago

    All those poor chickens life snatched away just to be overcooked and thrown away.......Foghorn leghorn

  • Vania Eterovic

     13 days ago

    The waste, God Almighty forgive us. Million and million of your children, men, women starving every day, every where. I volunteer in my community to feed the children mostly. School is over and children are going hungry. And this is happening all over our country, every single day.

  • Josafath Luna

     13 days ago

    REALDEALFU1 glad someone els caught that

  • Steven Ciechan

     5 months ago

    Makes no sense to have fresh meat then save it for the next day.. a lot of restaurants do this unfortunately

  • Helo Hello

     11 days ago

    The worst part is that after 5 hours any chicken already starts to taste like shit 😵

  • Josue Cabrera

     19 days ago

    @Zac Johnson In other words, you'd rather have restaraunts cut corners than actual cook a simple yet very high quality smoked wings right on the spot. Mate, you got shite taste.

  • Haolan Hu

     3 months ago

    Gordon: “I have never seen anything like this.”(Same shit every episode)

  • JJ Harris

     1 months ago

    To quote from Hell's Kitchen:"Same shit, different day"

  • N1 derland

     1 months ago


  • SlipSlayer X

     8 months ago

    The Microwave gets more action than anyone in that kitchen

  • Kheishatheblackcat

     4 months ago

    Ramsay: Whats that in there? ~opens fridge and out comes...~Nino: Ninoo

  • D00M728

     1 months ago


  • HoneySulphur

     4 months ago

    (Finds the lamb sauce)

  • BF Network

     9 months ago

    Owner: “Just because [Ramsay] doesn’t like it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.”Do you really think that reheating food in the microwave is correct?

  • NatsumeMizu

     1 months ago

    If it taste good for her then it taste good for others. Only thing is she doesn't like her own food. Lol

  • Abbstraact

     1 months ago

    try eating at bob evans that's all there food 😂😂😂😂😂