Joe Biden’s Segregationist Gaffe | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 23, 2019
  • Joe Biden causes controversy with his fond words about his past working relationships with segregationist senators.

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  • TheMaxer03


     4 days ago

    That has to be an audience laugh machine he has. It sounds fake.

  • Rus Pesca

    Rus Pesca

     6 days ago

    Idiots just unite and get rid of orange evil man please.

  • Steve Jaenghan

    Steve Jaenghan

     7 days ago

    I find his comment of boogering kangaroos like the people of Delaware do quite odd. Kangaroo are a natural species of Australia, not US.

  • Tasha Ragland

    Tasha Ragland

     14 days ago

    💯 Elizabeth Warren

  • Syneathia Bell

    Syneathia Bell

     14 days ago

    He should learn from Obama...Be cool.😎

  • Mack Daddy

    Mack Daddy

     14 days ago

    Joe Biden is a racist, pls don't vote for this guy.

  • Fritz Metellus

    Fritz Metellus

     21 days ago

    Segregation I'm all for it. Revelation18vs4.

  • brian keenan

    brian keenan

     a months ago

    Old White man back in control of Dems

  • Pendragon Love

    Pendragon Love

     a months ago

    Biden IS DONE. 🙄🤨 Bernie 2020...he’s got my vote.

  • Navah Wolff

    Navah Wolff

     a months ago

    Crazy Dummy Joe

  • zippy thedude

    zippy thedude

     a months ago

    Crusty old farts need to play with their grandkids and play bingo.

  • Veleda Johnson

    Veleda Johnson

     2 months ago

    #Biden is s #racist segregationist sad for....poor kids,

  • billynair


     2 months ago

    "a surprise road-trip is just kidnapping!" - I laughed so weird I almost blew out my ear drum again!! hahhaha

  • Zachary Spencer

    Zachary Spencer

     2 months ago

    Its funny because its such a milquetoast comment from Biden and there is such an uproar because the far left wants a more liberal candidate. KKK and segregationists were leftists.

  • Greta


     2 months ago +2

    Are we not going to talk about the fact that Biden said he didn't have a racist bone in his body, which is exactly what Trump said after the send her back chants?

  • Greta


     2 months ago +1

    3:33 uuuuh what's up with ur face bro?

  • bedfordnhdonkey


     3 months ago

    Imagine living in a world run by liberals. No joking, no evolving on issues, no room to make mistakes. Just strict rules on how to conduct yourself, or else you get fired and thrown to the wolves.

  • Nick Rubalcava

    Nick Rubalcava

     3 months ago

    Maybe he’s just saying that the recent senators are racist and they can’t do business now

  • Wesley Huang

    Wesley Huang

     3 months ago

    Unfortunately, based on his records. Mini Bison's idea of working with "xyz" is: not what representation is about. I get the feeling.. based on net worth and voting records. Well..follow the money and voting records.

  • kenpachi mugiwara

    kenpachi mugiwara

     3 months ago

    His track shows he supports the oppression, injustice, and maintaining white supremacy. He doesn’t care about human rights he smiles plays nice and does nothing. A true example of has power but no common sense. To apply or implement ideas to deal with black American’s period.