Top 10 Most Powerful Abilities in Vanilla WoW

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 28, 2018
  • This video will go over powerful abilities and combos that were incredibly strong at 1 point or another in vanilla wow. But this list will also cover more than just strong damage dealing abilities, and cover defensive and CC effects as well.Special Thanks to Captain Grim for editing this video Media-- a member for custom emotes and name tag in comments - of the Video backgrounds in this video were made by "Amitai Angor AA VFX" #WoW #WorldofWarcraftBrowse my gaming, editing, and office gear along with some pretty cool book recommendations, and more, here: List--10-Bubble + Hearth9-Frost Shock 8-Fear7-Cheapshot/Kidney comb6-Curse of Elements / Curse of Shadow5-Blind Prep4-Mortal Strike3-Windfury Weapon2-Will of Forsaken1-PoM
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  • hirumaredx


     7 months ago +191

    Special Thanks to Captain Grim for editing this video! You may know him from Kurcials videos and his "Varian" video in particular. Hopefully this video will just be the first of many from Grim. (I still write the script and do the voice lines though)
    Grims channel -

  • Kampftrinker


     7 months ago +564

    The animations in this video are very cool

  • Scott OBrian

    Scott OBrian

     2 days ago +7

    What about priest ability to possess you and run your character off a literal cliff

  • BeyerT1


     7 months ago +66

    "Game is too crowded/too many people" - That was a statement you could pick as the reason you're quitting the game in Vanilla. How ironic.

  • Raoul 9753

    Raoul 9753

     2 months ago +87

    Warlock PvP in a nutshell:
    Fear - DoT - DoT - DoT - Fear - Drain Life - Fear - Drain Life - Coil - /spit - /lol

  • アイス・クリーム


     5 days ago +3

    Typical Paladin pvp action: Bubble and gnomish death ray :D

  • Mekose


     7 months ago +896

    wtf is with this animation and editing?! Why was so much effort put into a top ten video?! WHY IS THIS PRODUCTION QUALITY SO GOOD?

  • Slot Hut

    Slot Hut

     2 months ago +5

    Soulfire also had a 6 second cast time, basically the warlocks version of pyroblast

  • Stian Hegglund

    Stian Hegglund

     7 months ago +5

    Great video, sir. Well scripted, performed and cut. Oh, and very informative of course! Thank you :)

  • Dan Smith

    Dan Smith

     7 months ago +155

    I'm in this video! I'm the rogue at 10:25 that rides past the windfury shaman and dismounts

  • Stick Brightling

    Stick Brightling

     5 months ago +2

    You mentioned reckoning, but not the vanilla era reckoning bombs. great for blowing up fury warriors and rogues. =P

  • Second Lease Gamer

    Second Lease Gamer

     21 hours ago

    Reckoning was in the game for a whole lot longer than a day. The issue was, the skills counter reset when you went through loading screens. So going into mc alones as a pally to try and stack reckoning procs for 8 hours wasnt doable. Kazzak was picked because he was a world boss on the same continent with the blasted lands (which had an invincible quest npc to use for stacking procs). The pally bought a ton of white vendor weaps and stacked procs for half a day befor going and reck-bombing DoomLord Kazzak. And the news went so viral in the community and on the forums, that Reckoning was nerfed in less than 24-hours after the act.
    But Reckoning indeed was in the game in that state for a long ass time. He was just the first to abuse it, and the one who got it nerfed.

  • Kavou


     6 months ago +2

    Classic and TBC when classes felt like classes.

  • Boalol lal

    Boalol lal

     16 hours ago

    You forgot about Soulfire, also 6 sec cast, just as pyro. Also having one shot potential

  • Alex Reign

    Alex Reign

     13 hours ago

    You wrote "9. Fear" instead of "8. Fear". Great video nonetheless!

  • D..anny


     7 months ago +724

    Back when classes were unique and had an identity.

  • Luciano Simmons

    Luciano Simmons

     3 days ago

    Rogue 100-0 was easily done without prep. Especially with T1-3 gear. You could time it well enough to kill anyone. It was absurd. Another terrific video. You're great at this. Awesome voice and research and you obviously have intimate game knowledge yourself. Ty!

  • Nikolaos Ezikis

    Nikolaos Ezikis

     8 hours ago

    When shawdowstep was introduced to rogues (before tbc if you remember the patch had given the new talents) , you could shadowstep -cold blood - ambush with a top gear rogue and pretty much one shot all cloth wearers, prep and repeat for all the rest. i do have loads of videos in warsong just one shot players. our mage was pom-pyro one shot players as they were jumping down the graveyard...oh well..good old times

  • tikitarget


     1 months ago +10

    You couldn't dual wield as a shammy back in vanilla wow

  • L-G Forsberg

    L-G Forsberg

     7 months ago +1

    Thank you for posting these wellmade and positive videos!