Maryland House Tour (WK 394.7) | Bratayley

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
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    Disclaimer: This video features gymnast doing gymnastics under the supervision of adults. Do not try this at home.
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  • Catie



    *o o o b u b b l e w r a p*

  • R Rodrigo

    R Rodrigo

     2 days ago

    Wow the little girl with the lisp and glasses is all grown up so cute!! The house looks so much better now that they fixed it up to sell it! Can’t believe they never had privacy blinds on any of the windows, yikes! Sad to see them leave Caleb’s childhood home. Great memories there. I do love the videos with Caleb in them, what a special boy.

  • Gabi A

    Gabi A

     3 days ago

    What do they mean by their house being staged?

  • It’s me Hannah

    It’s me Hannah

     5 days ago

    Don’t sell the hous pls

  • Jenna Mycha

    Jenna Mycha

     7 days ago

    U guys should air BnB it if u don't wanna sell it

  • Ash Aline

    Ash Aline

     9 days ago

    Please move back

  • Ash Aline

    Ash Aline

     9 days ago +1

    Can you please move back here love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mt klips 82

    Mt klips 82

     12 days ago

    I live in Baltimore

  • Tig Carson

    Tig Carson

     12 days ago

    My playroom is my favorite part of my house

  • Ashley Sanchez

    Ashley Sanchez

     12 days ago

    QOTD the living room

  • Ella Findlay

    Ella Findlay

     12 days ago

    Hailey-"Ooh a present!"
    Annie-"Bubble wrap!!!"
    Me-"I feel the same way Annie!!!"

  • Audrey grace

    Audrey grace

     13 days ago

    My kitchen so I can get food and the living room so I can watch Netflix

  • Samantha Nicole L. Goboy

    Samantha Nicole L. Goboy

     16 days ago

    when annie said “bubble wrap!” i just lost it😂 luv u all💕💖💞💗💘💝💓

  • IT'S ME JOJO Bee

    IT'S ME JOJO Bee

     18 days ago

    Don't they still have school

  • Kaylie Walker

    Kaylie Walker

     18 days ago

    I live in maryland and in the same county. But they moves

  • Megan Reeves

    Megan Reeves

     18 days ago

    My bedroom

  • Jessica HerronAveryBessonSeaveyMarais

    Jessica HerronAveryBessonSeaveyMarais

     20 days ago

    Favorite part of my house - pantry or room

  • Cari Heflin

    Cari Heflin

     20 days ago

    I like to be in my living room

  • Canvas 2

    Canvas 2

     20 days ago

    Omg this house is so amazing man why did u anyway shift mann!!

  • Jazlo


     22 days ago