Your Place in the Primate Family Tree

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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    Purgatorius, a kind of mammal called a plesiadapiform, might’ve been one of your earliest ancestors. But how did we get from a mouse-sized creature that looked more like a squirrel than a monkey -- to you, a member of Homo sapiens?

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    Collard, M., & Wood, B. (2013). Defining the genus Homo. Handbook of Paleoanthropology: Vol I: Principles, Methods and Approaches Vol II: Primate Evolution and Human Origins Vol III: Phylogeny of Hominids, 1-31.
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  • PBS Eons

    PBS Eons

     a years ago +204

    Hi everyone in the comment section! Just to echo what Kallie said at the beginning of the episode: our first-ever sticker is available now. Designed by the brilliant paleoartist Franz Anthony! Check it out:




    this channel is amazing!! absolutely love it dont stop!

  • Thomas



    4:13 T- That's australopithecus afarensis...

  • Inquisitive


     2 days ago

    Dang, great grand daddy made it through the dinosaur extinction and danced on a T-Rex carcass.

  • Call Me Perseverer1

    Call Me Perseverer1

     14 days ago

    All right imma head out

  • Patrick Loney

    Patrick Loney

     14 days ago

    My brain... Man it would be nice just to go back a few thousand years just to observe humans

  • Kairikey


     21 days ago

    Whenever I see an evolution tree of life I always thought how human centric the shape become... the slope are all leaning to human. I understand that it make sense since it's us who want to know who we are related to and all but still...

  • Matt Bonneville

    Matt Bonneville

     21 days ago

    I'm waiting for my back-hair to go silver so I can be the dominant ape in my tribe.

  • Stefan The RainbowPhoenix

    Stefan The RainbowPhoenix

     21 days ago

    Why are they called Purgatorius ceratops when they don't have horns on their heads? Ceratops means "horned face".

  • Daphne Széles

    Daphne Széles

     28 days ago

    this is like a motivational pep talk

  • Evie Hankins

    Evie Hankins

     1 months ago +1

    wow, that was amazingly intense. Thanks for making this video :)

  • Gail Ranson

    Gail Ranson

     1 months ago

    Every episode its always' and Steve.' Who is this Steve of which they speak ?

  • William Jordan

    William Jordan

     1 months ago

    Does the genetically determined date of the last common ancestor of chimps and humans come after the date of the 1st fossil of a human? The video seemed to imply that although I may have missed something.

  • A. C. Tort

    A. C. Tort

     1 months ago

    Are we still evolving?

  • Cody Crowley

    Cody Crowley

     1 months ago

    Humans have stopped evolving, natural selection no longer applies when we no longer live in nature & everyone's genes get passed on, you could have the smartest human ever never breed & pass on its genes while the dumbest has like 12 kids, the strong breed shure but so do the weak, the genetically speaking inferior, with health problems & what not, we've advanced past the point of evolution, at least from a survival of the fittest perspective

  • Sid Dasgupta

    Sid Dasgupta

     1 months ago

    Makes sense. If you believe that your great great ... great grandfather was a primate, you will act as a primate After all it comes naturally

  • The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titan

     1 months ago

    1:19 Homo Sapiens Buttus Magnificens!!!

  • TrollBuster


     1 months ago

    Go back far enough and we’re all one big happy family 😁

  • Skyler Arroniz

    Skyler Arroniz

     1 months ago

    Most people= we evolved from monkeys

    Eons= actually we evolved from squirrels

  • 73honda350


     1 months ago

    I'm a proud "primate supremecist" and condemn inter-order relationships and breeding - anyone who is mixed-order is just sub-primate! But same sex marriage/relationships within the order is fine. Allow me to introduce my lemur husband, Alvin.