The Sad Truth About Cesaro's WWE Career

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 7, 2019
  • Poosh Cesaro.

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  • Tyrece The Creator

    Tyrece The Creator

     2 days ago

    Cesaro is hands down one of the best wrestlers in WWE. He's a hard worker, he's phenomenal in the ring, he's freakishly strong as hell, and he's decent on the mic (it could use a little more work but he's still decent.) It's a shame that WWE (or should I say Vince McMahon) buried such a talented wrestler. Instead he keeps jacking off to Brock Lesnar.

  • Troubled Talent

    Troubled Talent

     2 days ago

    Ship him to NXT

  • Wade Albury

    Wade Albury

     7 days ago

    What is the music track name please oh love the shows keep up the good work boys and girls.....respect

  • Chris Safronsey

    Chris Safronsey

     14 days ago +1

    Cesaro is without questioning, the best in ring performer in WWE's PG era! He deserves so much better!

  • John McNamee

    John McNamee

     28 days ago

    Who cares about those long segments where the WWE SUPERSTARS have to talk at the beginning of RAW AND SHAKEDOWN LIVE?!! Two words, a NAME, MR. MCMAHON CARES ABOUT THAT.. IN FACT, HE'S PROBABLY THE PERSON WHO IMPLEMENTED IT!!

  • Dunston


     1 months ago

    Kofi is over? He doesn't draw shit

  • Vanraj vannu006

    Vanraj vannu006

     1 months ago

    WWE buried him

  • Justin Weaver

    Justin Weaver

     1 months ago

    Just let him go to NXT UK. It's what he wants. He can finally be a main eventer in front of a crowd that appreciates him.

  • olo lolo

    olo lolo

     1 months ago

    next do a video about joe. joe has everything but is held back.

  • mark hartshorn

    mark hartshorn

     1 months ago

    I feel AEW would be more suitable for the Swiss superman he's championship material and I feel wwe are not using his talant

  • Jeff Andreshak

    Jeff Andreshak

     1 months ago

    I agree . I wonder why he wasn't a top star . I loved him John Cena match

  • c0pyimitati0n


     1 months ago

    Cesaro was on the path to be world champion before they teamed him up with Sheamus...

    He is great on the mic and an absolute general in the ring. In your words, he needs a "poosh"

  • LSK99


     1 months ago

    Swiss currency is Franks

  • Devonte Gaming

    Devonte Gaming

     1 months ago

    Cesaro has no charisma. No character. No mic skills. No gimmick. There ya go.....
    As you said smarks like yourself are fickle they'll turn if he did win a world title.

  • Oinam Thoujal

    Oinam Thoujal

     1 months ago

    He should go NJPW or AEW

  • Sergio Rovoletto

    Sergio Rovoletto

     1 months ago

    Send him to NXT to team up with Ohno. KOW need to be brought back



     1 months ago

    Nah. We're only fickle as the storylines go. Go with and stay with a storyline and you'll see fan commitment.

    So nah...we ain't fickle.

  • Elliott Blair

    Elliott Blair

     1 months ago

    If only he had charisma. Guy sounds so dull

  • John Asbury

    John Asbury

     1 months ago

    For Christ's sake how many times do people need to be told WWE corporate only care about merchandise sells and stocks. Wrestling is just a way to push an endless supply of different overpriced merchandise for WWE. They do not care about their fans,talent or anything other tan bottom line profitability.

  • King60086008


     1 months ago

    Still remember when cesaro won against Randy clean