I want to end this terrible marriage. [Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.09.03]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 4, 2018
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  • vmin 95

     10 months ago

    lol i'm 100% sure this relationship will get even worse after this episode. They're spilling every single bad thing about each other on TV. Just get that divorce already!!

  • ya ya


    @Exodus In. they asked for it tho lol

  • J Kim

     1 months ago

    Honestly I think he has a grudge on her because of the the disagreement on baby...

  • Chim- Chim

     10 months ago

    But the fact that he spent $1,200 on his EX but couldn't give his WIFE $50 for their child really bothers me....

  • Jade Giron

     1 months ago

    Chim- Chim I’m your 4,000 like :)

  • Sunny *

     5 months ago

    Ikr. Sounds like some type of affair to me, ijs.

  • Srionti Maitra

     10 months ago

    How is no one talking about the fact that he told her to fend for herself when HER PELVIC BONES HAD DISLOCATED FROM GIVING BIRTH???

  • Rene S

     4 months ago

    @Jai Gee and I have no sympathy for him at all. He chose to marry her. He chose to have unprotected sex. She didn’t get pregnant herself. If he had been more responsible he could’ve walked away without having a child or a wife he didn’t want. When he chose to go through it the least he could do was man up and step up as a full husband and father because he is also at fault.

  • Tralala_Beez

     6 months ago

    I doubt he even knew that she had a dislocated pelvic.

  • Diamond Ray

     10 months ago

    These two need a divorce asap. They are not compatible with each other at all... kinda tired of Hello Counselor trying to save all unhappy marriages.

  • Marlinah Lansitim

     1 months ago

    i choose divorce over toxic relationship.

  • StOb It KiTtY

     1 months ago

    Divorce should always be the last resort... I don't believe in getting divorce as soon as something goes wrong in the marriage... Most problems can be solved just by communication... N thats what we Asians believe... Stop talking about divorce for silly matters... Atleast think about the children.. They need their parents.. I agree if the problem is really big divorce s an option... But not for every silly thing that happens between the couple

  • T Allen

     10 months ago

    He didn't want her like that. She was probably the rebound and he was trying to get laid. He was playing the game to get some and she got knocked up. If he is buying gifts for the ex then he probably still has feelings for her and hoped to get back with her one day but the baby stopped all of that and now he is trapped and pissed at his life.

  • cyreneB

     7 months ago

    I think so too

  • drawingangel2

     8 months ago

    @Princess Did you not see the whole video? The Dad got emotional when he talked about his family (wife and baby). They care for each other. Its just they keep doing childish things. They don't know how to overcome their problem which is why they went on the show. They wouldn't have come on the show if they didn't care.

  • linger368

     10 months ago

    They are both really hot tempered, immature and revengeful. They do not compromise or be considerate for each other, each just wanting their way and do not give in. I hope they can work it out and be better for each other because no matter what, they have a responsibility now.

  • J Kim

     1 months ago

    Agreed, wife should also stop the victim card when she is as childish as him, husband should realize he is someone’s husband and be more responsible

  • Faust

     3 months ago

    This is the most beautiful top comment here

  • leHungry

     10 months ago

    This is why women should always be financially independent from their husbands. Why would you want to live like you owe your living to someone else?

  • cytoskeleton hehehe

     20 days ago


  • Zahara rene

     21 days ago

    @leHungry of course I dont think she married him knowing he was that way. If she had a job and could support herself and kids by having her own money that would've been better for her obviously. I have notified nor believe that marriages are anything like rainbows and sunshine. Having money on my own IS necessary but having it to side for myself isn't. You believe what you believe and I will do the same. Like I said like 3 comments ago, we believe different thi is and that's fine. Moving right along. S...

  • seoulistic

     10 months ago

    I still want to know why he spent over £1000 on his ex-girlfriendEdit:All you guys down there complainingI.do.not.care

  • 이설 비

     1 months ago

    @T Allen true love or not. He said he was READY TO MARRY HER. And he wasn't. Okay fine. He was scared that he was suddenly becoming a father but its not like she is carrying a random guys baby and asking him to take responsibility

  • Lia Malihah

     4 months ago

    I do too. It makes me disappointed with this episode. If he is able to spend that much for his ex, that why he refused to spend $50 for his baby. His feeling for his ex might be the cause of all of the problems

  • ashley gutierrez

     10 months ago

    They are both childish to be honest...

  • ashley gutierrez

     10 months ago

    Lawanduuhhh !! Hmmm idk i dont wanna say she trapped him.. it takes two to make a baby. But right now they have to take a step back with what they want for themselves. They have to give their baby a great deal of consideration. The wife wants allll the love and baby-ing in the world and the hubby is insensitive. They both need to grow up. It not about them anymore.

  • Lawanduuhhh !!

     10 months ago

    well she learned a very hard lesson. you cant trap a man with pregnancy and expect for him to fall in love

  • Actual Trash

     10 months ago

    So many comments saying don’t spread your legs before marriage. But the main issue I see in a lot of these therapy couples is the fact that they got together because it was comfortable. They were finally in a relationship and rushed to marriage without fully getting to know if they were compatible with their partner. So many unhappy marriages that people are too scared to leave because it’s ingrained in their culture.

  • Anony Me

     1 months ago

    @Yummy Mellon like America isn't? Other countries are patriarchal. Almost all are.

  • Sorn kpop

     5 months ago

    @Montae Williams say it louder girl