I want to end this terrible marriage. [Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.09.03]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 4, 2018
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    Hello Counselor EP.378
    Guests : Kim Jongmin, Kang June, Star, Song Sohe, Lee Sangjun

    #HelloCouselor #Hello_clip #Hello378

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/datgjAaB10E


  • JJ Lowlow

    JJ Lowlow


    This is why sex was only designed by God for marriage not before marriage....God knows the best cz he is our creator...my advice follow what the bible says and all marriage will last forever 💖💖💖

  • CxHxRxIxSxTxIxAxN



    Why is this such a common thing with couples?? Is it because they get too comfortable with each other too soon and get married before they're truly ready? Do they crumble under the constant pressure to get married?? You shouldn't get married and start a family just because "that's what people do". If you're not mentally, emotionally or financially ready (or you're just irresponsible and reckless), stay single! Waiting until you're ready is better than the heartache and headaches you'll suffer because you settled down too soon with someone you barely know.

  • ygxillionaire


     3 days ago

    imma be honest everyone siding with her kinda annoys me. like think of it from his perspective you are having a kid with someone you’ve only dated for 3 months and basically was forced to get married before the baby was born. in asian culture u should be married before having a kid. they are both childish when y’all think about it. it’s not only her fault or only his fault they both have faults in this problem. they weren’t ready for that child and marriage.

  • iyanna rosado

    iyanna rosado

     3 days ago

    I think something that you have to consider is culturally their view of marriage is something similar to the way we used to view marriage in the US. I’m not saying that by any means that was a good or bad position, but it meant that both difficult and positive marriages lasted.

    Currently we’re really quick to divorce or breakup, but the people that need to divorce or breakup don’t, ie. the people that are abused emotionally or physically.

    I’m on my first serious serious long term relationship and I’m currently engaged. It is really REALLY hard living with someone, working with them, and being constantly emotionally available. I have so many expectations for my partner and it sometimes makes our relationship difficult. He also has expectations for me that make me feel sad.

    If I had a family with someone, and I was in her shoes, I believe I would also want a divorce. But I also think I would try and exhaust all methods available to try and make my marriage work. So that I could feel like I had no regrets in the case of the relationship completely ending.

    Being a super young person engaged, I can only imagine what it’s like being marriage with a kid at a young age... that shit is no joke.

    I do think there are cases when you should leave you husband or wife and I’ve witnessed them a lot in my life, but I think that in a way the panel is right.. they’re really immature and they need to learn to communicate better. Love takes so much work, people just think oh it just falls into your lap and you’re in love for ever and ever and that’s not what happens at all. People need to stop living in a fantasy world and having all these expectations. Relationships will never work without compromise and flex.

  • saldiven2009


     4 days ago

    Two people that never should have gotten married. I cannot imagine either of them will ever be the least bit happy together.

  • Aoirsae


     6 days ago

    These clowns must be actors, no way a couple could behave like that...

  • Tasha Azman

    Tasha Azman

     7 days ago

    I feel pity with their kid..they do what they like, keep asking for divorce, both of them are hot temper but the victim is the kid.. immature parents..

  • skarbuskreska


     7 days ago

    How is this not a concern? Like I don't care if she is nagging at him, the things he said and did are way more hurtful and dangerous. He obviously has an anger problem, I will kill you? Like seriously, not even in my darkest times with my ex would I have said this or will allow anyone ever to say something like that to me without consequences. And he already got THAT angry at things that are like nothing, imagine them having real problems. And the you should trust him and not look at his phone shit? Sorry but for most woman that do this, it's not a thing from the beginning, they do it because there is already suspicion from his behaviour and from all the cases I know of, to 90% it's exactly where these women found evidence of cheating or him doing other wrongdoings. Like why would you give your ex so much money but not buy stuff for your baby? This doesn't add up. HE already talked about marriage after just 3 month? That's not romantic at all, it's usually people that rather want to posses you than love you, sociopaths and narcicist do that. Everyone sane would like to get to know their partner better first. My recommendation is always, don't even think about marriage before the honeymoon phase is over, which can last up to 2 years. But only after things are not pink anymore you will see the real person and decide if you both work together well and still want that relationship.

  • 나비공주


     14 days ago

    만나서 3개월만에 임신이라. 저 남자애는 그냥 어린앤데. 계획은 없이 그저 밤일만 하고 싶었는데 그 대상이 덜컥 임신을 하니까 싫었겠지. 안타깝지만 유유상종이야. 부부는 이 세상 사는 데 유일한 한 팀인데 서로가 서로를 괴롭히면 어떡하냐...저 어린애들을 어쩔꼬. 빨리 성장해서 행복해졌으면 좋겠다.

  • xEmpty.Abyssx


     14 days ago

    Only reason they got married is cause she got pregnant.
    They would have broken up had they been safe and used BC.
    There is no love

  • 김지은


     14 days ago

    lol i love none of the judges actually look mad tho

    also you could see the wife enjoying it when the husband got scolded
    the husband sucks but i almost felt bad for him because she’s stupid and rude and bitchy
    he was right when he called her a whore

  • Anne Hilary

    Anne Hilary

     14 days ago

    😅 I'm sorry, I tried to understand their stories but the wife's eye makeup really bother me.. she have beautiful eyes but the eye makeup doesn't enhance the beauty...

  • Letsalltakeawalk


     14 days ago

    A lot of women come on the show about husbands who don't care or contribute and all I can think is "if you're already raising your kid(s) and making ends meet on your own, the man is just dead weight, if not making things harder on you." I know there's a stigma to divorce and single motherhood that's hard to deal with but sometimes you need to free yourself.

    In this case tho I don't particularly think there's no hope. I'm not super rooting for them either but if they both commit they might be okay.

  • Leticia Bravo

    Leticia Bravo

     14 days ago

    Why she get pregnant soon she is stupid ,pregnant they should talk first know each better is her fault too

  • Oki TheOne

    Oki TheOne

     a months ago

    He's an asshole.

  • PV Yang

    PV Yang

     a months ago

    The MCs are just turning their heads left and right.
    They just kept talking

  • Meaad


     a months ago

    I think this problem is all about lack of communication, if they set together and talk about everything that bothers them they will end up with a solution either be together or getting a divorce, but dispute everything him not giving the mother and baby their allowance is completely his fault



     a months ago

    That’s what happens when you rush into marriage 🤷‍♀️

  • haeppiest 1986

    haeppiest 1986

     a months ago

    Doea anyone knows if they are divorced already?



     a months ago

    Even they divorce, later let say they met new person in their life, if didnt change their attitude, being immature doesnt work in marriage.. Dating period is one thing, when in marriage they need to change their mind to b couple of marriage, bcoz they hve responsibilty for both sides family.. Become a parent also they need to change their mind set.. Every turn point, they hve to b prepare..