Home Alone is a Nonsensical Film About Child Abuse (and brain dead bandits)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 27, 2018
  • Home Alone, the timeless Christmas classic, is a little...out there. Also Macaulay Culkin has the best laugh on Earth. In this review I discuss everything wrong with Home Alone as well as some of my favorite scenes.

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  • Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams

     10 minutes ago

    just to clarify...don't fucking listen to anything those dumb fuckers on mythbusters say...otherwise great video :) love this film 2nd movie was even better LMAO the traps in the 2nd movie made me laugh tell it hurt and don't get me started on the brick scene LOL

  • Luxx


     9 hours ago

    keep the change ya filthy animal

  • plvs_vltra


     13 hours ago

    Kevin's family was a bunch of dickheads, I felt so bad for him.

  • fuck bagel

    fuck bagel

     22 hours ago

    Ma childhood

  • MrMaskedMan



    Home alone is a solid four out of ten

  • SilverX UmbreonX

    SilverX UmbreonX

     2 days ago

    Off topic from the vid, but I honestly wish I could buy your merch, it's really fucking nice.

  • broccoli


     2 days ago

    You have very large eyes lol.

  • AlienDude


     2 days ago

    Hi dad

  • justin stecanovski

    justin stecanovski

     4 days ago

    I personally like the Pixels movie I thought others did aswell

  • Capn Sebastian

    Capn Sebastian

     4 days ago

    As a 30-something yr old who grew up on this movie, I'm incredibly amused by how surprised/frustrated/outraged you are at literally every dramatic plot point that is supposed to illicit those reactions. Yes the whole plot is weird, but in the 90s, ironically super realistic. Many, many kids could relate though, because again, the 90s were an oddly fucked up time that we had to endure. jesus fuck I'm old.

  • Pizza Spac3ship

    Pizza Spac3ship

     5 days ago

    I shop in the grocery store all the time

  • Kevin Thomas Graham

    Kevin Thomas Graham

     5 days ago

    And we wonder why he becomes a drug addict, family abuse

  • Twm Llwynog

    Twm Llwynog

     5 days ago

    *Allows child to be bullied.*
    *Child retaliates.*
    uGh! wHaT tHe fRIcK!?

  • aimee


     5 days ago

    this was such a good video!!!

  • Pyramid Never

    Pyramid Never

     5 days ago

    7:54 I have that chest wtf

  • zac merrifield

    zac merrifield

     6 days ago

    I like the way he says "That's absurd!"

  • Pappa Spicy

    Pappa Spicy

     6 days ago

    You do realize almost everything you point out is intended by the director, yes?

  • Supreme Bias

    Supreme Bias

     6 days ago

    2:52 made my day

  • Villager of SmashVille

    Villager of SmashVille

     6 days ago +1

    3:32 Wait, that cop was one of the burglars the entire time? My whole point of view on this has now changed.

  • Renjuns Crooked Tooth

    Renjuns Crooked Tooth

     6 days ago

    Whenever I watched this movie I always felt uncomfortable whenever the family were being idiots towards Kevin I never took it funny
    Like I have a good family and I always said wtf has this family even through to Be douches towards the kid