Kingdom Hearts III - Final Boss: Xehanort No Damage + Ending & Secret Ending (Proud Mode)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 5, 2019
  • The final boss fight of Kingdom Hearts 3 Master Xehanort without taking damage on proud mode. I'm continuing my tradition of making a video like this for every main Kingdom Hearts game. My Xemnas kh2 video is the most popular video on my channel. There aren't many challenging fights in this game, but Xehanort is one of the few that I find to be somewhat difficult. No damage was not very easy either because of the last phase and the crazy desperation move. This fight is pretty cool, but I prefer the final boss of kh2 more. I included the Ending, Epilogue, and Secret Ending as well. There's a timestamp below for anyone looking for a specific fight or ending.

    9:49 - Xehanort Clones
    17:13 - Armored Xehanort Phase 1
    20:21 - Armored Xehanort Phase 2
    23:25 - Armored Xehanort Phase 3
    26:32 - Final Xehanort Phase 1
    30:23 - Final Xehanort Phase 2
    47:34 - Ending
    1:09:50 - Epilogue
    1:13:51 - Secret Ending

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