Last to Leave Circle Wins $25,000 (VS GIRLFRIEND) - Challenge

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • So we want to play the last to leave circle wins $25,000 game, but this is the one man edition! This challenge is basically the last to leave the circle, but there's only one person! So it's basically a 24 hour overnight challenge, but I can't leave the circle. Last to leave wins £20000!

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  • Isaac Lopez

    Isaac Lopez

     8 hours ago

    Who can gain the most weight

  • Melissa Hudel

    Melissa Hudel

     7 days ago +1

    Moons mean

  • cbangbang7


     7 days ago

    Don’t yall just get tired of being broke........i mow i do

  • Rollin- Bones

    Rollin- Bones

     a months ago

    I wish killem would upload instead of not caring cause he's popular

  • Tim C.Lewis

    Tim C.Lewis

     a months ago

    Why do I feel like deep down most girls are like this?

  • LouieV XLI

    LouieV XLI

     a months ago

    Lot of snowflakes In the comment section

  • Brett Pechatsko

    Brett Pechatsko

     a months ago

    What is it 20,000 or 25,000 ?So non consistent

  • nether 7256

    nether 7256

     a months ago

    That was dirty moon

  • Robertas Chotin

    Robertas Chotin

     2 months ago

    MOON you're nasty

  • barakat yunes

    barakat yunes

     2 months ago

    that's chating🤬🤬 moon 🤬🤬🤬

  • IronMinecart 99

    IronMinecart 99

     3 months ago

    Moon cheated

  • Sherona meowibton

    Sherona meowibton

     3 months ago

    More of Digby please . He's so cute 😙

  • Ryan Olsen

    Ryan Olsen

     3 months ago

    What money does to a person 😄

  • Jacob Lee Morris

    Jacob Lee Morris

     3 months ago

    Hello killem I love the you tube videos big fan love you moon and sir Digby keep the videos going!

  • Shane Luscombe

    Shane Luscombe

     3 months ago

    It wasn't fair on Thomas cause Moon wasn't even playing cause she wasn't even in the circle

  • Shane Luscombe

    Shane Luscombe

     3 months ago

    Talk about a gold digger

  • KZ_Unmasked


     4 months ago


  • TheWonderWaffle4


     4 months ago

    he said the circle was just a circle but that protects him from sea bears

  • The Unboxing

    The Unboxing

     4 months ago

    MOON and THOMAS dont listen to these lowlife shittyheads in the comments, I know Moon was just joking that is why I love u both!

  • The Unboxing

    The Unboxing

     4 months ago

    It doesnt matter anyway who wins because they live together and they have joint bank accnt so to you all bashing moon, please use your small brain before typing....