Predator (1987) KILL COUNT

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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  • Dead Meat

    Dead Meat

     a years ago +1357

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  • Joseph Parker

    Joseph Parker

     15 hours ago

    For the many people who fail to understand Dutch's trap, it's called an iron maiden booby trap. When the stick is tripped the log falls pulling the rope up and the unfortunate one who tripped it into the spikes to be impaled. The log is only a counterweight not another trap. Dutch just got really lucky the predator stood exactly under it.

  • Joseph Parker

    Joseph Parker

     15 hours ago

    Hawkins was gutted. (Hence the guts).

  • Cyvader 101

    Cyvader 101

     16 hours ago

    so THAT'S where that meme came from

  • Landon Bennett

    Landon Bennett


    “Jim hopper” is from stranger things

  • 1 and a half nerds

    1 and a half nerds


    The irony of Jim hopper I’ll let the stranger things fans get the reference

  • 1 and a half nerds

    1 and a half nerds


    Please kill count the terminator franchise

  • Wyatt Hodges

    Wyatt Hodges

     2 days ago

    Well actually the predator was voiced by Peter Cullen

  • Luis The Xux

    Luis The Xux

     2 days ago

    You are basically saying that Jim Hopper survived the Upside Down just to be killed by the Predator?

  • The Spider-Man

    The Spider-Man

     3 days ago

    8:23-8:42 Vietnam War in a nutshell.

  • sammy Vlogs

    sammy Vlogs

     3 days ago

    So preditor is taller than peppa pig this is insane

  • XxFrostDragonxX


     3 days ago

    3:20 *stranger things theme plays*

  • Fee Lynn

    Fee Lynn

     3 days ago

    Predator is a sci fi action...not horror



     4 days ago

    Hey, James. Do you think you would want to do the kill count for the Terminator franchise? Especially since a new movie is coming out?

  • ForeignRoninL


     4 days ago

    You know looking back at this film, I think things might have gone much smoother for Dutch's team if one of them was a sniper.

  • I am redzemper

    I am redzemper

     4 days ago


  • Tylet Rose

    Tylet Rose

     4 days ago

    Fun fact: Predator's voice was performed by Peter Cullen, who also voiced Optimus Prime.



     5 days ago

    I went to where it was filmed there a zip line with predator on a helicopter

  • Matt Ruano

    Matt Ruano

     5 days ago

    I mean it’s the 1980 what do you expected no exposion

  • Neil Dennis

    Neil Dennis

     6 days ago

    In canon, it is Guatemala. Besides, I’d rather not think John Matrix and Dutch are in the same universe. Now, John Matrix and John McClane I can handle. Hell, maybe it was General Esperanza that Aurius was trying to have assassinated in Commando.