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  • Published on:  Friday, May 4, 2018
  • There's a few items which might end up saving you quite a bit of time while leveling up in Battle for Azeroth - most of them involve moving around in different ways. Let's check them out!

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  • John Smith

    John Smith

     4 months ago

    I haven't even finished the WoD quest line yet, or done all of the cata/mop/wod raids yet!, let alone Legion or BFA! All my characters combined is about 1000 hours, It feels so overwhelming and not in a good way, because most of the cata and further content is garbage. I don't remember a single dung after Wrath other than maybe the one with Imperator Margok because when mop first came out he would just wipe the party constantly. But I seem to remember Dire Maul, Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, Scarlet Monastery, Helfire Citadel, Azjol, Icecrown Citadel and others like that vividly.

  • ctiger789


     6 months ago


  • Culvea Solvere

    Culvea Solvere

     11 months ago

    the Mists of Pandaria is a superior mount because it has a transmog vendor on the left!

  • Culvea Solvere

    Culvea Solvere

     11 months ago

    Water strider from fishing is the way to go, also I'd recommend using the raft, it's awesome and you can go fast with it. It also allows you to stand on it on the water so it helps with fishing and it helps classes without water walking of anykind. I've loved mine since they put it in the game!

  • Culvea Solvere

    Culvea Solvere

     11 months ago

    Or or, hear me out here, become an engineer so you can have a cloak that has the glider on it, a cloak with a parachute on it at the same time :D

  • Giano211


     a years ago

    Sodapopin use something like speed boost What is iT can anyone help

  • Griffin Wolfe

    Griffin Wolfe

     a years ago

    noggenfogger elixir is also super cheap from gadgetzan

  • 84Havoc


     a years ago

    The 5% experience gem

  • houlberg92


     a years ago

    Do you know what 'MUST HAVE' means? :)

  • Taylor Matson

    Taylor Matson

     a years ago

    PSA fel meteorite doesnt work outside bfa

  • Pitvader Editions

    Pitvader Editions

     a years ago

    toys??, and co.? Like meteor? or darkmoon canon, flag?? a lot of mising things.

  • erik test

    erik test

     a years ago

    im glad i have the seaturtle :)

  • sb1236


     a years ago

    Meh, I'm a Blood DK Goblin Engineer. Tank specs can't be dazed off your mount. Goblins always get the best prices. DKs can walk on water. And engineers can tinker a perma goblin-glider to their cloak.

  • AragonMMo


     a years ago

    Bruh you use a glider kid on a demon Hunter lol

  • Kenthalas


     a years ago

    oh good, I was very fond of the hoofplates, barding, and such from Legion, I'm glad to hear those are making a comeback

  • Morten Nielsen

    Morten Nielsen

     a years ago

    ehrm you are Vendoring Greens while leveling wich is kind of a bad signal to send xD otherwise great video :D

  • CT-7667


     a years ago

    I hate Blizzard for that Exalted reputation grinding. Couldn't they just give items in the Shop so I could buy it with real money instead of grinding? I have patience for getting rep up to Honored, but Exalted? No way.

  • djmulder


     a years ago

    You gave me an eye opener on the items for your mount. how fast can you pick these up? (I have all profs, so I'm certainly going to focus on that)

  • Mark Blaze

    Mark Blaze

     a years ago

    living action potions for world pvp.

  • Sam P

    Sam P

     a years ago

    I just recentlly found you KeLani, but must say im glad i have your Videos Are great !