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  • Published on:  Friday, May 4, 2018
  • There's a few items which might end up saving you quite a bit of time while leveling up in Battle for Azeroth - most of them involve moving around in different ways. Let's check them out!Twitter - - -
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  • Dr Boom

     1 years ago

    I was scared to buy the Yak at first but all these years later I can happily say it has been the most worth purchase I've made in WoW.

  • urgan p

     3 months ago

    It was the worst purchase I ever made only bought it so I could reforge anywhere still really pissed there is no more reforging

  • Dirt Track Daddy

     10 months ago

    Where do you buy the yak from? Is it a rep status item?

  • Eugene H

     1 years ago

    Everyone keeps forgetting about Guild Page and Guild Herald companion pets, they are respectively only 300 and 500 gold although on a quite long cooldown 8h and 4h. But you can summon them even in dungeons and use as a vendor!

  • Mark Blaze

     10 months ago

    also you cant pull out mount sometimes so they are better. like running low level raids

  • mariadelirium

     11 months ago

    Theese are little saviours at times. Also, if you are an engineer it is worth getting your Jeeves mde.

  • BlinkingEspurr

     1 years ago

    Im just gonna enjoy the game, take my time. I have no rush to start raiding 30mins after the xpac launches to then complain that the game is dead.

  • Zerika Z

     9 months ago

    BlinkingEspurr lol this thread devolved into a divine comedy

  • Chris G

     10 months ago


  • Talacocheta

     1 years ago

    lol I love the sass in this one Kelani. Good suggestions, too. Race ya' on the azure water striders, then leaping off to glide with my engineer's glider. You can buy my goblin gliders to keep me going with my transmog changes. heh heh

  • Steve Atkinson

     1 years ago

    save 10 mins of your life. tl;dr: Gliders, water walking mount, rep/mog mount, new bardings/stirrups/hoofplates

  • Battle Sister Robin

     1 years ago

    For the past few months i've been stockpiling:Goblin Gliders. Swim Speed Potions. Water Walking Potions. Bear Tartare.I plan to milk that BFA launch for gold.

  • Rainbutt Caticorn

     11 months ago

    Bear tartare is being nerfed in bfa 😟

  • Meatman Fantastico

     1 years ago

    Tartar is nerfed in BFA, not a flat speed increase anymore but a scaling effectiveness in speed, still be better than nothing though but it isn't as good as it is now.

  • Rainy Jane

     11 months ago

    Hi yes I would like a GPS with your voice please

  • FlesHBoX

     1 years ago

    Oh man gliders is so important! I'm so used to having them, that I've lept to my death already on beta forgetting that I don't have any, lol... Also, yeah, buy my gliders!

  • Baron Lovat

     1 years ago

    Slow Fall + Speed: Body & Mind + LevitateWater Walking: body & Mind + Angelic Feather..... Sounds like priest.

  • David Suda

     1 years ago

    Seems obvious but great suggestions. I knew about all just never thought about loosing flight 😢