Susan Boyle - How it all started (with BGT judges review)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 19, 2012
  • Here we see Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan looking back at Susan Boyles time on the Britain's Got Talent and how it affected her life.
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  • Olga Frias

     6 months ago

    Lost a battle, won the war

  • K P

     25 days ago

    Perfectly said

  • Code 6219

     2 months ago

    Damn true

  • jeanthree

     6 months ago

    Where is Diversity today? Susan won because people want to see her!

  • ELLE F

     1 years ago

    Susan's voice is pure perfection. I know she has done extremely well since BGT and I hope she lives her dream and even potentially finds the right man to share the rest of her life with. Enough said.

  • Jerry D

     6 months ago

    Susan is a real soldier.  She may not have technically won BGT but she came out the biggest winner of that show.  Where is the group that won?  Has anyone seen or heard from them since?  NO, you have not.  You go Susan, WE love you to death because you are a down to earth person with a very big heart and a will to show others that they don't know shit with their first impressions.

  • gloria

     1 months ago

    their working at Butlins LoL

  • Alfred Surmon

     7 months ago

    Well Susan didn't win the BGT competition, but she she performed for the Queen, and she won the world, what can on say. Fantastic!

  • Skywalker7897

     3 months ago

    @Aziza Khatamova They judged by twitter votes and who had the twitter accounts? Millenials who voted for their own tribal kind. Continuing on, I want to say that the nastiest press in the world next to the American fake news MSM, is the British tabloids, who drove her crazy following her and shoving cameras in her face. They all need a boot up their backside.

  • Aziza Khatamova

     4 months ago

    she was the best and why she didnt win competition.?

  • Vibeke Selstad

     6 months ago

    Susan is most definitely the real winner 😊I mean, how much do we hear about that group today??The people who won, is totally stranger's to me. 🙄But Susan is the one who really became famous 😆She didn't need to win the competition. She won the respect from all of us.She won the highest price 😄THE WORLD......

  • K P

     25 days ago

    Excellent post and so true....

  • Patricia O'Neil Thiry

     4 years ago

    Susan should have won hands down......the reaction of Ant and Dec was priceless tho it made me laugh....but it all came out in the wash cause Susan is living her dream

  • RACHiT

     3 years ago

    GodBless Susan and her lovely voice.

  • pat dennison

     3 years ago

    I love listening to Susan you are a very incredible person

  • Chai'naMarie03

     6 months ago

    @Val O'Brien true

  • Maribeth Spence

     10 months ago

    She should have won and I was so disappointed when she didn't but in reality she actually did win anyway

  • Pat DPM

     5 months ago

    @Jennifer Yearwood But us older ones have the money to buy Susan's albums and we have spoken. We have made her a millionaire worth between 25-30 million.

  • Leoncio Hernandez

     6 months ago

    that group where are ??? a nd where is SUSAN BOYLE she wins at final.