How to unlock a car door (without a key)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 3, 2018
  • Unlocking 3 different cars using various tools and methods.

    Links to products I personally own and use
    Lockout tool kit:
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  • Make It Easy Mechanic

    Make It Easy Mechanic

     7 months ago +380

    Dear friends, thank you for all the positive feedback! Some of you however expressed concern that this video may be used maliciously by thieves.

    I personally have had my car broken into twice. Never had the thieves bothered to carefully unlock my car. They simply busted out my driver window and took whatever was inside.

    This video is intended to help people unlock their cars without breaking anything (including the law or the bank ;)

  • wayne nahuy

    wayne nahuy

     15 hours ago

    If you could lift on the rodded lock mech. It won't matter if it actuated by a cable as long as lock design is constant! Just a note.

  • wayne nahuy

    wayne nahuy

     15 hours ago

    I knew most of that but the lock rod up I never was successful an stayed away from but...

  • RealLifewithPorsha



    Just tried this and it worked perfectly. Tried for about 45 minutes by myself and kept messing up but if you have someone else's help and something to have the door open a good space it will work perfectly.

  • The GOOD The BAD The GYPSY

    The GOOD The BAD The GYPSY


    Three ways to get in your car with no keys A BRICK 🧱 A BIGGER BRICK 🧱 And a BIGGER BIGGER BRICK 🧱

  • Rhey Daketan

    Rhey Daketan


    You just teach those criminals how to unlock a vehicle

  • Koriander Yander

    Koriander Yander


    I'm just doomed :( I dont have tools. I'll just have to break my car window.

  • Amaya


     2 days ago

    Check it out! Easily get ur keys out

  • Christopher Camargo

    Christopher Camargo

     2 days ago

    Now lets watch how the rate stolen cars go up you might aswel jus make a vid on how to prevent ur car from being stolen

  • shane powell

    shane powell

     2 days ago

    get a rock duuuuh

  • Dai Vernon

    Dai Vernon

     2 days ago

    very helpful

  • Thomas Garcelon

    Thomas Garcelon

     3 days ago

    The video was a life saver man!! 🙌🏻



     4 days ago

    Great video! Now all the carnappers know how to steal cars. HAHAHA

  • S abd

    S abd

     4 days ago


  • EddTheDon


     5 days ago

    Which one of these is the easiest and fastest way fir a 2002 Honda Accord

  • b


     5 days ago

    Call AAA there very fast at getting into most cars and you get 5 free towings for 55 dollars a year its worth it.

  • Cass D Lo

    Cass D Lo

     5 days ago

    Thank you for these helpful video i left keys wallet and ph in my car @ walmart and no one was willing to help thinking i wad guna steal my car and i had my 4 children w me. This is very very useful as a mother whos always with my kids where ever i go. Police wouldnt help not unless i had my 10mth baby locked in or my car was left running. Once again thank u very much for the educational Video!! NewSub

  • the person outside your window

    the person outside your window

     5 days ago +1

    Now how do I take out the radio?

  • CryWolf Adam

    CryWolf Adam

     5 days ago

    Good video.... BAD audio

  • Steph Honey

    Steph Honey

     6 days ago +3

    The shoe tie one was a LIFE SAVER