Joe Rogan - What's the Difference Between a Cult and a Religion?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Joe Rogan and Bret Weinstein discuss the differences between a cult and a religion.Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1055.
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  • Felix Kuhlin

    Felix Kuhlin

     a years ago +2948

    Joe "Moses was on DMT" Rogan

  • Mitchell Cumsteen

    Mitchell Cumsteen

     2 months ago +674

    Is there DMT in elk meat? Jamie, pull up DMT & elk meat.

  • Stephen White

    Stephen White

     2 months ago +567

    Guy: I’m gonna challenge you on this one
    joe: DMT

  • Wairua Tapu

    Wairua Tapu

     2 months ago +403

    According to biblical scholars; Moses also went bow hunting, ate elk meat and did jiu-jitsu.

  • s staners

    s staners

     21 days ago +162

    “Scientology is that a cult?”
    ‘Too early to tell.’
    Me: what are you waiting for, everyone to drink the kool aide or something?

  • Yngol Ysgramorson

    Yngol Ysgramorson

     7 months ago +3275

    Less than 2 minutes in and immediately moses was on DMT. This is the best podcast ever

  • Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast

     2 months ago +224

    The Joe Rogan Experience is a cult.

  • MrSlowestD16


     2 months ago +157

    Joe "The Burning Bush Was DMT" Rogan
    If I had a nickel for every time Joe brought up how the burning bush was moses trippin balls on DMT I'd be fueling my jet right now.

  • PillBox UK

    PillBox UK

     yesterday +11

    My mother grew up in a Roman Catholic Convent. She was left handed and beaten for it because it was "Evil". I cannot stand Religion.

  • Ja Gump

    Ja Gump

     2 months ago +104

    >Bret Weinstein - Asks genuine question about moses
    >Joe - Well you know the burning bush is DMT?

  • James Entroscasastronomicaltroscaso

    James Entroscasastronomicaltroscaso

     yesterday +1

    I have had experiences with angelical beings and miracles from God and i wasn't smoking anything

  • Eva Cervantes

    Eva Cervantes

     yesterday +1

    Joe have you ever thought of speaking with Ravi Zachariah’s ? He’s a theologist. Maybe he can or cannot change your mind on the belief of god / religion ? And even if not it’s another type of knowledge. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • tido12345


     2 days ago +3

    man this goddam KILLED ME this is why i love joe he can have fun with the talks too.

  • Yahoo Popov

    Yahoo Popov

     2 months ago +65

    Got misdirected from what is a cult to DMT quickly.

  • Memory Drain

    Memory Drain

     9 months ago +1443

    Joe is a DMT Cult leader

  • kiran hill

    kiran hill

     10 hours ago +1

    I mean doesn't archeology, and history disprove the exodus? And so then was Moses even a real person?

  • Beautifully Dark

    Beautifully Dark

     1 months ago +51

    "i'm a biologist"
    "priests pass on their genes metaphorically"

  • Gurpreet B

    Gurpreet B

     yesterday +1

    Took me a while to realize this dude's hair ain't real 😂

  • LeROYtheLAMA


     4 hours ago

    Can't believe I had to go so far back to find a guest Joe doesn't try to intimidate/bully during a discussion. I removed his slave name about a year ago and named him Joe Fallacy

  • XBCsmurfCLAN


     2 months ago +1133

    Q: What's the Difference Between a Cult and a Religion?
    A : Tax exemption.