How To Repair A Windshield In The Rain

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • Here we show exactly how to repair a windshield in the rain. If you need to repair your windshield chip immediately and it was recently exposed to the rain (or any water; carwash, hose, etc.) Follow these steps exactly:

    Step #1 Get the vehicle to a covered area, we used the customer's garage, but we could have also used our new location in Austin -see here

    Step #2 Drill the exterior layer of the glass at exact impact point. This will be obvious as it is usually the center of the damage and will have a noticeable white, crushed glass point.

    Step #3 Clean off the debris left by the drilling of the glass (glass dust). Tip: We use a syringe and shoot air into the drill tap spot.

    Step #4 On the inside of the windshield apply heat to warm up the damaged area. Tip: We use a butane lighter with a long tip. Get the glass warm, but not too hot. Test with your hand/finger. If it's too hot to touch, that's too hot -just warm. After you warm the glass wait 3-5 minutes.

    After few minutes you can continue your repair as normal. To learn more about windshield chip repair see

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