AIRBORNE! 454 LSX Powered Jeep JK Sends It.

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  • Ryan Kibbe has been in the extended Hoonigan family for years. Dude can fabricate, build, AND wheel all types of offroad machinery. So after showing us his fresh-from-the-Mint 400 JeepSpeed 3700 class truck, he brought it back to the BurnYard for the first ever airs in the lot. Best dude.

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  • Hoonigan Daily Transmission

    Hoonigan Daily Transmission

     7 months ago +307

    You asked for jumps, now you got ‘em. Who’s going to be the first to do a double stack?

  • Mike deems

    Mike deems

     2 hours ago

    Ohhhhh my lord. I want that jeep. Or i just want that sound in my car anycar

  • YBN. Chavez

    YBN. Chavez

     4 days ago

    Lmao have the same exact Jeep in forza

  • Dustin Harter

    Dustin Harter

     21 days ago

    Jeep guy Hoons hard AF

  • Francisco Vera

    Francisco Vera

     1 months ago

    Get rid of 2 spare tires!!!!

  • Mark Newman

    Mark Newman

     1 months ago

    Wait whats the deal with BJ? I missed all that.

  • Roger Halt

    Roger Halt

     1 months ago

    Oh I f*cking live for this sh*t. That thing is a monster

  • Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson

     1 months ago

    Take note Jeep put a Chevy in that shit and forgot that Mopar pos! That thing sounds evil!

  • Jackhammer Jones

    Jackhammer Jones

     1 months ago

    Best job ever!

  • Kristoffer Ek

    Kristoffer Ek

     2 months ago

    you guys need some f***ing lights for the burn yard

  • Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly

     2 months ago

    Why does this paint job look like a four loko can

  • Jimmie P

    Jimmie P

     2 months ago

    What ever happened to hert??

  • john martin

    john martin

     2 months ago

    ★★FAIL FAIL★★
    LSX JEEP 🤣😂.TRY 2WD LSX TRUCK WITH JEEP FRONT END😒😒!!!He had one f**king job bring a Jeep with 454 lsx then I click video and see a truck with Jeep body. WTF would you take out solid front axle and replace with IFS (independent front suspension) and take out 4wheel drive? cause it immediately deletes Jeep status. .....454 LSXJeep?... FAIL .......badass truck w/454 Lsx look like Jeep?..... WIN...... regardless epic video as always, I've yet to watch one of your videos and be disappointed or end up without a smile. Thnx

  • Chevy Cole

    Chevy Cole

     2 months ago

    The sound of the GODS! Love those LSXs

  • Jack shiflett

    Jack shiflett

     2 months ago +1

    This is awesome but should of hellcat powered it. That would be sick

  • Robert Beene

    Robert Beene

     2 months ago

    Them headers don’t look CARB legal lol
    (Fuck California)

  • YT Interventor

    YT Interventor

     2 months ago


  • takiwa broadhurst

    takiwa broadhurst

     2 months ago

    Use the ramp to jump on to the flat bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yorick G

    Yorick G

     2 months ago

    I love how mean it sounds

  • Oreste Grandi

    Oreste Grandi

     2 months ago