AIRBORNE! 454 LSX Powered Jeep JK Sends It.

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  • Ryan Kibbe has been in the extended Hoonigan family for years. Dude can fabricate, build, AND wheel all types of offroad machinery. So after showing us his fresh-from-the-Mint 400 JeepSpeed 3700 class truck, he brought it back to the BurnYard for the first ever airs in the lot. Best dude.

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  • Hoonigan Daily Transmission

    Hoonigan Daily Transmission

     9 months ago +312

    You asked for jumps, now you got ‘em. Who’s going to be the first to do a double stack?

  • Sabin Van Vuuren

    Sabin Van Vuuren

     6 days ago

    Ja nee, daai ding is mos befok!

  • douglas


     7 days ago

    Gerbronies listen up.... you need to cut the back stop off the flatbed. cut it off so its jus the flatbed and some insane LS driving maniac (Kibbe) can jump onto and than off of the bed. Its gonna be great. you can start selling tickets like Nitro Circus did. Fuk all, i'd even be willing to manage the shit show. we could bring in small people to drive big things and sell meat on a stick. we could even build a dunk tank and instead of throwing balls at it, you have to do a burnout and get as much rubber as possible on the target once the target weighs like 30 grams it falls switching a relay which triggers the dunk tank to drop someone annoying, oh I don't know who really ….NADS .! oh man such great fun. I can start setting it up tomorrow. Should I fly there or start planning from here. Gonna be BIG.

  • Tomas Tylecek

    Tomas Tylecek

     7 days ago

    that was sick, what an awesome driver

  • Joe Silva Sr

    Joe Silva Sr

     7 days ago


  • Neko Rodgers

    Neko Rodgers

     7 days ago

    The real man line that he should have done should have ended with him gaping up that ramp onto the flat top trailer in the middle.
    Just saying.

  • Mike Huffman

    Mike Huffman

     7 days ago


  • Jason Messer

    Jason Messer

     14 days ago

    You guys had the sickest shit out there to burn yard keep up the killer work

  • Sadman_211


     14 days ago

    I hate these Jeep’s stock but, what a build lmao!

  • I Perez

    I Perez

     14 days ago +1

    Love seeing people who know how to drive a vehicle like this

  • AudioASMR


     14 days ago

    As I gotta go see build now

  • Stefan Obenland

    Stefan Obenland

     21 days ago


  • Mike deems

    Mike deems

     2 months ago

    Ohhhhh my lord. I want that jeep. Or i just want that sound in my car anycar

  • YBN. Chavez

    YBN. Chavez

     2 months ago

    Lmao have the same exact Jeep in forza

  • Dustin Harter

    Dustin Harter

     2 months ago

    Jeep guy Hoons hard AF

  • Francisco Vera

    Francisco Vera

     3 months ago

    Get rid of 2 spare tires!!!!

  • Mark Newman

    Mark Newman

     3 months ago

    Wait whats the deal with BJ? I missed all that.

  • Roger Halt

    Roger Halt

     3 months ago

    Oh I f*cking live for this sh*t. That thing is a monster

  • Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson

     3 months ago

    Take note Jeep put a Chevy in that shit and forgot that Mopar pos! That thing sounds evil!

  • Jackhammer Jones

    Jackhammer Jones

     3 months ago

    Best job ever!