BHAD BHABIE ft Lil Yachty - Gucci Flip Flops - Jojo Gomez Choreography - Blunt Reaction

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 10, 2018
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  • Dee Joyce

    Dee Joyce

     a years ago +1

    Cache Melvin is back. She's so underrated IMO. The little movements that she changes to fit her personality are my favorite. Like that shake she did at the beginning, right before choreo started. Do people understand how difficult isolating her muscles with control??!! Then when BB says that line about poking that Bi**h with the shank. Cache actually made a poking motion complete with a crazy ass mental person's eye twitch. When she went into that mean Milli Roc as BB said something like pull the 6 out when it time line. She Millied into looking down to check the time on her wristwatch. Cache is cold! I watched the official video people were asking why she get extra time to freestyle into Yachty's verse. Because she CACHE "muthaf***in" MELVIN. JOJO is DOPE as usual. She recognizes her talent and gives her time to go off. The twins are precise dancers. However they're so buff and muscular that they cant do the ass shake shimmy, no jiggle nothing moved. JoJo, Cache, and Blue haired girl(sorry don't know her name but her movements are insane, fluid like water) in Cache's group were the few that have mastered that move. That is actually a throwback to dancers in about 1997-late 90s. It was often seen in music videos of that era. I remember Ciara doing that shimmy in her "Goodies" days.

  • MonTayTay Williford

    MonTayTay Williford

     11 months ago

    It's pronounced Bad Baby. You're welcome. 😘

  • I got muscles on top of muscles

    I got muscles on top of muscles

     a years ago +2

    gucchi flip flops is one of the best songs this year so far

  • Ally D

    Ally D

     a years ago +4

    Yeah Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice’s duels came out on World of Dance. You should react to it!